Li Yu (author)

Li Yu (author)

Li Yu (zh-cp|c=李漁|p=Lǐ Yú, given name: Xianlu 仙侣; style name: Liweng 笠翁) (1610—1680) was a Chinese playwright, novelist and publisher. Born in Rugao, he lived in late-Ming and early-Qing dynasties.

Li was an actor, producer, and director as well as a playwright, who traveled with his own troupe. His play "Fengzheng Wu" (风筝误 "Errors caused by the Kite") remains a favourite of the Chinese Kun opera stage.

Li is the presumed author of "Rouputuan" (肉蒲团 "The Carnal Prayer Mat"), a well-crafted comedy and a classic of Chinese erotic literature. He also wrote a book of short stories called "Shier Lou" (十二楼, "Twelve Towers"). In his time he was widely read, and appreciated for his daringly innovative subject matter. He broaches the topic of same-sex love in the tale "Cuiya Lou" (萃雅楼, "House of Gathered Refinements"). This is a theme which he revisits in the collection "Wusheng Xi" (无声戏 "Silent Operas" i.e. "novels").

The famous painting manual "Jieziyuan Huazhuan" was prefaced and published by Li in Jinling.


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