Enrai ~Tooku ni Aru Akari~

Enrai ~Tooku ni Aru Akari~

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Name = Enrai: Tooku ni Aru Akari

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Artist = High and Mighty Color
from Album = San
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Released = October 25, 2006
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Recorded =
Genre = Pop/rock
Length = 13:08
Label = SMEJ
Writer = High and Mighty Color
Producer = Hal
Certification =
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Last single = "Dive into Yourself"
This single = "Enrai: Tooku ni Aru Akari"
Next single = "Tadoritsuku Basho" / "Oxalis"
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nihongo|"Enrai: Tooku ni Aru Akari"|遠雷 ~遠くにある明かり~ is a single released by High and Mighty Color on October 25, 2006.


"Enrai: Tooku ni Aru Akari" is the band's eighth single and its last release in 2006. The title track is the third ending theme for the four-part anime feature compilation . The song also appeared in Drummania/GuitarFreaks V4 as a cover, making the song playable on the arcade machine.

The B-side "Kaerimichi no Orenji", was used in a commercial for the Wii game "". The first pressings of the single came with a special pin up featuring Gundam character Athrun Zala. The music video for the song was directed by Sueyoshi Nobu.

Sample of the translated lyrics: [cite web | url=http://www.mognet.net/artisttranslation.php?id=1785&translation=english | title=Translated lyrics | accessdate=2006-11-08] :We all cease to be connected by dazzling chance meetings, I won't leave you again:Here, we drew our fingertips, which once touched, back toward ourselves:Your overly radiant form, and small whisper:Seem to connect us together and heal us, who are tangled together...:Because I won't pretend to give up

Track listing

# "Enrai: Tooku ni Aru Akari" (遠雷 ~遠くにある明かり) – 4:23
# "Kaeri Michi no Orenji" (帰り道のオレンジ; Return Trip of Orange) – 4:08
# "Enrai: Tooku ni Aru Akari (Less Vocal Track)" – 4:31

:All songs written by High and Mighty Color.


* Maakii & Yuusuke — vocals
* Kazuto — guitar
* Meg — guitar
* Mackaz — bass
* Sassy — drums


* Through – art direction & design
* Tom Vezo (Minden Pictures/Amana, cover), Hidekazu Maiyama (members) – photographer
* Tsukushi Ichikawa (Mild) – hair & make-up
* Toshio Takeda (Mild) – styling


Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)

GuitarFreaks & Drummania

This song is playable as a cover in Drummania/GuitarFreaks V4. It was covered by BeForU member Riyu Kosaka.


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