Abadzekhs ( _ru. "абадзехи"; self-designation: "адыгэ", "абдзах", or "adyghe", "abdzakh") are a people of Adyghe branch.

A significant part of the live in diaspora, which are descendants of refugees ("muhajirs") from the Caucasian War with the Russian Empire. Their dominant religion is Sunni Islam. They were among the first Muhajir, starting their exodus in 1879.


About 4,000 Abadzekhs live in the "aoul" of Reihanieh (Reihaniya, Reikhanya, Reikhania), in Galilee (North District, Israel). Ruhanya has an Adyghe museum. Another "Circassian" village in Israel is Kfar Kama [http://www.planetware.com/israel/kafr-kama-isr-nr-mtkk.htm] .

In 1958, Abadzekhs (and other Adyghe) of Israel were allowed to enter military service, which gives a number of privileges.

Notable people

*Hulusi Salih Pasha (1885 - 1939, }; Ottoman Grand Vizier (1920), admiral, the first minister of Navy of the Republic of Turkey

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