USS Vincennes

USS Vincennes

Four United States Navy ships have been named USS "Vincennes", after the town of Vincennes, Indiana, site of an important Patriot victory in the American Revolution.

* The first USS|Vincennes|1826|2 was an 18-gun sloop-of-war commissioned in 1826, the first U.S. Navy vessel to circumnavigate the globe. She later served as a blockade ship during the Civil War.
* The second USS|Vincennes|CA-44|3 was a heavy cruiser commissioned in 1937 and lost in the World War II Battle of Savo Island with 2 Battle Stars awarded.
* The third USS|Vincennes|CL-64|3 was a light cruiser commissioned in 1944 and active in the war, and decommissioned in 1946 with 6 Battle Stars awarded.
* The fourth USS|Vincennes|CG-49|3 is a guided missile cruiser commissioned 1985 and known for shooting down an Iranian airliner (Iran Air Flight 655, of flag carrier Iran Air) in 1988. She has now been decommissioned with 1 Combat Action Ribbon awarded.

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