Diesel (disambiguation)

Diesel (disambiguation)

Diesel has several possible meanings, of which most are related to Rudolf Diesel's invention.

Technological terms related to Rudolf Diesel's engine

* Diesel fuel
* Diesel engine
* Diesel cycle
* Diesel multiple unit
* Diesel exhaust
* Diesel locomotive
* Biodiesel, a fuel for diesel engines, made from vegetable oil
* Diesel oil, lubrication oil for use in diesel engines, e.g. API CD spec.


* Rudolf Diesel, the German engineer who invented the Diesel engine
* Diezel Ky Braxton, the son of Toni Braxton
* Another name used by cartographer/illustrator David S. LaForce

In film/television

* Diesel, a character from The Railway Series
* The Diesel (aka D261), another character in Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
* Vin Diesel, an American actor
* Diesel (film), a 1985 film directed by Robert Kramer

In music

* Johnny Diesel, an Australian rock singer (born Mark Lizotte, also known simply as Diesel)
* Dieselboy, an American Darkstep Drum and Bass artist.
* Diesel (band), a Dutch band who recorded "Sausalito Summernight".

In sports

* John Riggins, an NFL football player for the Washington Redskins (1970-80s), known as John "the Diesel"
* Greg "Diesel" Williams, a two-time Brownlow Medallist in Australian-rules football, 1980s
* Kevin Nash, and later Glen Jacobs, professional wrestlers, 1990s, both known as "Diesel"
* Shaquille O'Neal, current Phoenix Suns center is known as "The Big Diesel", among other nicknames
* Joe Riggs, a mixed martial artist nicknamed "Diesel"

Other uses

* Diesel S.p.A., a clothing company based in Molvena, Italy
* Diesel Sweeties, the webcomic
* Snakebite (Beer cocktail), some varieties of which are called "Diesel"
* Diesel, a brand name for 190 proof grain alcohol similar to, but less expensive than, the well-known brand Everclear
* Slang term for heroin
* Slang term for muscular
* Diesel Energy Drink
* A brand of aftershave
* An illegal, highly vicious version of street hockey in the webcomic "Templar, Arizona"
* A strain of cannabis, with many variations
* A brand of sunglasses
* A slang term used in the Midwest for Budweiser beer
* A drink that is 50% beer and 50% coca-cola in Germany
* DIESEL, a programming language

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