Constitutional patriotism

Constitutional patriotism

Constitutional patriotism (Verfassungspatriotismus) is a concept associated with the German philosopher Jürgen Habermas, yet originating from political scientist Dolf Sternberger. He used it first as the heading of the leader for German national newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 23 May 1979 - the day the German constitution (Basic Law) turned thirty. It is a key part of theories of postnationalism, has been influential in the development of the European Union[1], and is considered a key quality of Europeanism. Yet it is much older: "Switzerland with its four different linguistic communities does not hold together as a nation; it is not a nation, it is united through its constitution. The recurrent annual Bundesfeier (celebration of the Federation) proves it. The United States of America with a population originating from different countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, a colourful mix unmatched by any other community in the world, are united by nothing else but their constitution and by the patriotic feelings by which the constitution is respected. The recurrent annual commemoration day of the Declaration of Independence, which has been some sort of constitution in itself, proves it".[2] According to the principle of constitutional patriotism, citizenship thus often relies on a shared sense of values rather than a common history or ethnic origin.

In Spain, the utilization of this concept for both left and right parties, has become an argument for the Spanish unitarian identity in front of peripheral nationalisms.[3]

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