Pink Pearl (comics)

Pink Pearl (comics)


caption=Pink Pearl, art by John Byrne.
character_name=Pink Pearl
real_name=Pearl Gross
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Alpha Flight" #22 (May 1985)
creators=John Byrne

Pink Pearl (Pearl Gross) is a Canadian super villain and terrorist in the Marvel Comics Universe.

Fictional character biography

Originally a member of a circus troupe, Pink Pearl decided to become a terrorist and attempt to take over the circus. An extremely large woman, her obesity enables her to have above-average strength and durability. Her plan was to use a bomb to murder the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of the United States. However, Northstar and Aurora of Alpha Flight discovered her plans and eventually confronted the woman. ["Alpha Flight" #22]

After a battle, Pearl was stabbed in the heart with one of her own ally's, a thin-man named Bones, daggers. Due to her fat, she was able to survive the encounter, and later joined the villainess Superia on her cruise ship for female criminals. As a member of the Femizons, Pink Pearl went head-to-head with Captain America and Paladin. After the group's disbandment, Pink Pearl established herself as a business woman and opened a male strip club called "Cloisters."

Unfortunately for her, Aurora, Guardian, and Diamond Lil were all patrons, and started a brawl. ["Alpha Flight" #105] Pink Pearl eventually got the trio of women arrested, and presumably still runs Cloisters. It is interesting to note that Pink Pearl speaks in third-person, and though comes across as being quite inadequate, she is quite intelligent and a formidable adversary.


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