Image-Line Software is a Belgian software company best known for their digital music/virtual studio program FL Studio and related audio plugins. They also produce EZ-Generator, a template-based web editing program, and Deckadance, a virtual DJ console application.FL Studio 8 was released for Windows XP and Windows Vista in 2008 with FL Studio 9 in the works. Mac versions of Image-Line software are also under development.

oftware Developed by Image-Line

*DirectWave - A complete software sampler, that provides sample recording, waveform editing, and DSP effects.
*FL Studio - A software studio. Most likely the best-known software developed by Image-Line.
*EZ-Generator - A template-based web editing program.
*EatThis - A video game. Its audio engine eventually became the basis for their program FL Studio
*Fact2000 - An invoicing and contact management program.
*Blokken - A CD-ROM equivalent to the Belgian quiz show.

Virtual Synthesizers Developed by Image-Line

*Sytrus - A popular virtual synthesizer available in VSTi, DXi, and Fruity plugins.
*Deckadance - A DJ console and mixing tool.

Virtual Synthesizers Sold through Image-Line

*Toxic - A popular virtual synthesizer with sound similar to Sytrus
*PoiZone - An easy-to-program subtractive software synthesizer


*Jean-Marie Cannie, Managing Director
*Frank Van Biesen, Managing Director
*Jean-Philip Cannie, Director
*Erika De Mulder, Director
*Didier Dambrin, Developer
**Core FL Studio
*Fréderic Vanmol, Developer
**VST implementations
*Miroslav Krajcovic, Developer
*Galina Gaspodinova, Developer
*Peter Segherdahl, External Developer
*Argu, External Developer (Deceased June 2007)
*Maxx Claster, External Developer
*Robert Conde, External Developer
*Stan Vassilev, External Developer
*Blake Reary, External Staff
**Content and Sound Design
**Sample Libraries
**NewStuff demo songs
*Scott Fisher, External Staff
**Help, Manuals & Technical Marketing Support.
**FL Studio Bible Author
*Ammeris (Buckskin) Gill, External Staff
**Content and Sound Design
**Sample Libraries
*Kannan, External Staff
*Ief Goossens, Support and Administration
*Myriam Dupont, Support and Administration


* [ Image-Line website]
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*FL Studio

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