Tricolour Flame

Tricolour Flame
Tricolour Flame
Secretary Luca Romagnoli
President Rocco Tauro
Founded 27 January 1995
Split from Italian Social Movement
Headquarters circonvallazione Clodia, 145/A
00195 Rome
Newspaper none
Membership  (2005) 5,000
Ideology Neo-fascism,
Italian nationalism,
National conservatism,
Third Position,
Right-wing populism
Political position Far right
International affiliation none
European affiliation Alliance of European National Movements
European Parliament Group no MEPs
Politics of Italy
Political parties

The Tricolour Flame Social Movement (Movimento Sociale Fiamma Tricolore, MS-FT), normally just Tricolour Flame, is a neo-fascist Italian political party.



The party was started by the more radical members of the Fascist Italian Social Movement, led by Pino Rauti, who refused to join the mainstream national-conservative National Alliance. Rauti was later ousted by Luca Romagnoli, who took the leadership.

In the 2004 European Parliamentary Election the party gained enough votes in the Southern constituency to elect Mr. Romagnoli to the European Parliament. The party was then a member of the House of Freedoms coalition for the general elections of 2006.

In the coming of the 2008 general election, Tricolour Flame formed a joint list called Tricolour Right with The Right of Francesco Storace, a splinter group of National Alliance, in support of the candidacy of Daniela Santanchè, a moderate figure who was once close to the Italian Liberal Party, for Prime Minister.


Tricolour Flame is the Italian far-right party most closely tied to the legacy of Italian Social Republic (RSI). The RSI is usually seen by the party as the example of what Fascism should have been, in particular as an example of true welfare state. As a sign of this legacy, the party, for example, guarantees free membership for ex-RSI military.[1] A press release from the Rome section of the party states:

Tricolour Flame is a movement born just to remark its own ideal proximity to the Social Republic and its fighters. A Republic on which side we would surely have fought, if only the fate would have let us born these years. And we should have surely fought to win, because for us the political synthesis originated from the thought of Benito Mussolini is for us the only political, economical and spiritual system able to bring the freedom and social justice that are today denied to Italians and all other world populations. [...] [We] relaunch our battle for a better tomorrow, embodying the ideals of the Black Shirts of Alessandro Pavolini.[2]

Tricolur Flame maintains a fairly strong anti-capitalistic stance, and it can be thought to be the Italian party closest to third positionist ideology.

Recently Tricolour Flame has been peculiar, among Italian neo-fascist organizations, in actively trying to attract the young masses and renewing its political practices and communication techniques in a more modern, innovative fashion. Political manifests often tend towards attractive, modern graphics and clear-cut, even humorous slogans. Tricolour Flame is also very close to youth far-right organizations and initiatives, of which the most relevant is Casa Pound, a social centre in Rome.

The party is against the regionalism promoted by Lega Nord for an independent "Padania", instead Tricolour Flame wants a united Italy.


Among the more controversial members of Tricolur Flame are Pietro Puschiavo and Maurizio Boccacci.[3] In 1985 Puschiavo was a founding member of the Veneto Skinheads Front, a far-right skinhead group based in Veneto and connected to Blood and Honour. Boccacci is the former leader of the Western Political Movement, a far-right skinhead organization based in Rome.[4]



  • Secretary: Pino Rauti (1994–2002), Luca Romagnoli (2002–present)
    • Deputy Secretary: Roberto Bevilacqua (2002–present)
  • President: Pino Rauti (2002–2004), Rocco Tauro (2004–present)


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