Ideation (idea generation)

Ideation (idea generation)

Ideation is the process of forming and relating ideas. It is a concept utilized in the study of new product development, creativity, innovation, design thinking and concept development. The term ideation (a portmanteau created from the words 'idea' and 'generation') is often used interchangeably with brainstorm.

As part of the move into Enterprise 2.0, usage of ideation in the product innovation process has become an integral element. In this context, employees or customers are invited to participate in the ideation process, via a web portal (open on the internet or intranet), where they can suggest new ideas, rate other ideas, and collaborate with the entire community in the process of ideation.

Several large companies, like Dell or Best Buy, have opened up this process to their consumers, inviting anyone to raise new ideas for possible company products using a dedicated idea management software open on the internet.

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