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David Selby
Susan Sullivan
Robert Foxworth
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William R. Moses
Margaret Ladd
Abby Dalton
Chao-Li Chi
theme_music_composer = Bill Conti
country = USA
network = CBS
first_aired = December 4 1981
last_aired = May 17 1990
num_seasons = 9
num_episodes = 227
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"Falcon Crest" is an American primetime television soap opera which aired on the CBS network for nine seasons, from December 4 1981 to May 17 1990. A total of 227 episodes were produced.

The series centers around the feuding factions of the wealthy Channing/Gioberti family in the Californian wine industry. The series was set in the fictitious Tuscany Valley (modeled after the Napa Valley) just north of San Francisco.


The show was created by Earl Hamner, noted for his work on "The Waltons" which had just finished its last season in 1980–1981. Hamner wanted to create a family drama involving the wine industry, but CBS requested he make the show more sensational, along the lines of "Dallas".Fact|date=May 2008 They then scheduled "Falcon Crest" at 10PM, right after the top-rated "Dallas". The "Dallas"-"Falcon Crest" one-two punch proved lucrative for CBSFact|date=May 2008 and "Falcon Crest" was a Top 20 show in the Nielsens for several years: ranking 13th in the 1981–1982 season, 8th in the 1982–1983 season, 7th in the 1983–1984 season, and 10th in the 1984–1985 season. Both shows (like "The Waltons") were produced for CBS by the same company, Lorimar. "Falcon Crest"'s heraldic theme was composed by Bill Conti, who also composed the themes to "Dynasty", "The Colbys" and "Cagney & Lacey".

The show revolved around Angela Channing (played by Academy Award-winning actress Jane Wyman), a corrupt, despotic matriarch who ruled with an iron fist over the Falcon Crest vineyards. Angela's honorable nephew Chase Gioberti (Robert Foxworth) was new to the area and had just inherited a portion of the Falcon Crest vineyards and winery from his father, Angela's brother Jason Gioberti (who died after a fall in the winery during the premiere episode). The rivalry between the established professional and the newcomer, who were tied together as blood relatives, set the tone for much of the series.

Angela's heir was her lazy playboy grandson, Lance Cumson (Lorenzo Lamas), who loved money and yearned for power but lacked Angela's discipline and determination, which was proven after she persuaded him to work in the vineyards. Her ever-tightening grip on him, eventually sent him to work for his grandfather's newspaper, The San Francisco Globe. Eventually realizing that she would not gain control over Chase's land any time soon, Angela hoped to enlarge her empire by forcing Lance into an arranged marriage with winery heiress Melissa Agretti (Ana Alicia), who was herself a selfish schemer and would cause trouble for many residents of Tuscany Valley. Other major characters introduced in the first season were Angela's daughters, Julia (Abby Dalton), who was chief winemaker and Lance's mother, and the emotionally troubled Emma (Margaret Ladd), who became friends with both Maggie and Victoria. Chase's family included Chase's sympathetic wife Maggie (Susan Sullivan), who would eventually work as a freelance writer. Chase and Maggie's grown-up son Cole (William R. Moses) fell in love with Melissa, who later rejected him due to Lance's determination to have her for himself, and daughter Vickie (Jamie Rose, later replaced by Dana Sparks) was an open-minded college girl. But none could truly rival Angela until the conniving Richard Channing (David Selby) arrived in the show's second season. Originally a powerful newspaper editor, Richard later got into the wine business and made several attempts to wrest control of Falcon Crest from both Angela and Chase. Richard was the love child of Angela's late husband, Douglas, after his affair with Chase's mother, Jacqueline, and Angela therefore despised him.


First seasons

Despite its reputation as merely being "Dallas" with grapes”Fact|date=May 2008, "Falcon Crest" soon found its own niche amongst the prime-time dramas of the 1980s, occupying the middle ground between the two extremes of the genre — being more glamorous than "Dallas" yet not quite as outrageous as "Dynasty". The distinctive location filming in the Napa Valley and the dry, wryly humorous tone of the scripts gave the series a personality of its own. And to this day, the series is still sought after in reruns and on DVD by thousands of fans.

The rivalry among Angela, Chase and Richard stayed at the core of the show for years, as more romantic entanglements spun around them. Lance and Cole found themselves not only caught up in their family battles, but also competing for Melissa's affections.

Like "Dallas" and "Dynasty", "Falcon Crest" employed the use of memorable end of season cliffhangers to boost ratings. The 1982–1983 season climaxed with the culmination of a murder mystery whodunit plot (surrounding the death of Melissa's father, Carlo Agretti) that had spanned most of the season. The killer — Angela's daughter Julia Cumson — was confronted in front of the entire cast, only to produce a handgun. Shots were fired (and heard from outside as the camera panned away from the mansion), and that faded into the final scene of a coffin being lowered into the ground, leaving the audience to wonder who had been killed off. Other cliffhangers included a plane crash carrying most of the major characters which ended the third season, (and killed three main cast members); a bomb explosion which ended the fourth season leaving Richard and Maggie in peril, and an earthquake that ripped through the valley that ended the fifth season. The earthquake killed two major cast members. The cliffhanger of the sixth season put Melissa, Richard, Chase, Dan Fixx and Maggie's baby, Kevin, in danger. At the beginning of the seventh year it was revealed that Chase had presumably drowned in the San Francisco Bay after rescuing Maggie and Chase's baby, Kevin, though the body was never found. At the end of the seventh season, Richard had joined and ultimately turned against The Thirteen, a murderous group of wealthy businessmen who planned to ruin the United States economy. Eric Stavros was brainwashed and sent to murder Richard. Melissa was finally able to succeed in winning her battle against Angela with serious repercussions for both characters at the end of season seven and the start of season eight. In the last few moments of the season finale, Angela was seen lighting candles in a church. Then as the back of a man's head comes into view, she asks, "When are you going to tell Maggie you're alive?" It was revealed in the opening episode of Season eight the head belonged to Richard Channing. By the beginning of the ninth (and final) season, Lance, Angela and Emma were the only three members of the original season one cast, an attempt on Angela's life left her in a coma for most of the year, and the season revolved around a battle between Richard and newcomer Michael Sharpe for control of Falcon Crest. Angela returned towards the end of the season and the last scene of the series shows her toasting the land, "A toast to you Falcon Crest, and long may you live."

The series also frequently cast former Hollywood royalty in guest roles; Lana Turner, Gina Lollobrigida, Cesar Romero, Robert Stack, Cliff Robertson and Celeste Holm all appeared in "Falcon Crest". Kim Novak joined the cast in 1986 and enjoyed a season-spanning story arc that was similar to her role in the classic film "Vertigo". This aspect to the series seemed to be consciously embraced by the producers, who at one stage instituted a rotating guest star policy, in which her character would be revealed to be running from a murderous mob boss played by Robert Stack, who was responsible for killing Peter Stavros' real stepdaughter; Leslie Caron, Lauren Hutton, Eddie Albert, Eve Arden, Roscoe Lee Browne and Ursula Andress all made appearances during the 1987–1988 season.

Later seasons

Some intriguing plot developments occurred later in the series, such as the long love affair between Richard and Maggie, and the shock revelation that Angela and Richard, bitter enemies for many years, were in fact mother and son. However, with the departures of many of the core cast, the series began to lose its former sparkleOr|date=May 2008. Coupled with the shifting tastes of the public in the mid 1980s, ratings began to drop (as had ratings for all of the primetime soaps of that era).

The last straw for many viewers came when Angela, who had been the pivotal character since day one, lay unconscious in a coma for most of the 1989–1990 season. This was not due to any contract negotiations as is widely believed, but due to actress Jane Wyman's ongoing health problems with diabetes.Fact|date=May 2008 The series attempted to revitalise itself, much in the way that rival soap "Knots Landing" had successfully done, initially including a new version of Bill Conti's opening theme reimagined by composer Patrick O'Hearn) as the season followed the powerplays resulting from Angela’s absence. A number of new characters were introduced, but failed to strike a chord with the audience.Fact|date=May 2008 And everyone at one point or another in the ninth year took control of Falcon Crest-- eventually, even a spoiled teenager, the son of Michael Sharpe. CBS executives made the decision to end "Falcon Crest" at the climax of the ninth season, and Jane Wyman defied doctors’ orders to return to the show for the last three episodes.Fact|date=May 2008

After many traumatic events over the course of nine seasons of the wine country soap (plane crashes, explosions, murders, drownings), "Falcon Crest" ended happily with a wedding taking place on the grounds of the mansion. Taking a walk outside, Angela delivered a speech — written by Jane Wyman herself — that brought the series to a conclusion, mentioning past characters and events but looking forward to the future. Raising a glass of champagne, Angela ended the series with "a toast to you, Falcon Crest, and long may you live."



;Angela Channing - Jane Wyman :Angela Gioberti Channing Ericson Stavros Agretti is the tough, tyrannical self-styled queen of the Tuscany Valley and head of Falcon Crest Wines. Angela ruthlessly combats her enemies, determined to preserve what she sees as her birthright. Four times married, she is the mother of Julia and Emma Channing. It is eventually revealed that her nemesis Richard Channing is also her son, thought stillborn.

;Chase Gioberti - Robert Foxworth:Former airline pilot and Vietnam veteran, Chase moves back to Tuscany Valley from New York, having inherited half of Falcon Crest from his father Jason after his death. Chase determines to make a go of running the winery, which brings him into conflict with his aunt Angela. (Seasons 1-6)

;Maggie Gioberti Channing - Susan Sullivan :Chase's wife (and later Richard's), Maggie is a freelance writer who agrees with her husband's wish to build a new life for the family in the Tuscany Valley. A warm-hearted but resilient woman, Maggie becomes the sympathetic heroine of the series. (Seasons 1-9)

;Richard Channing - David Selby:Shady businessman and the son of Angela's husband Douglas, Richard arrives in Tuscany Valley having inherited his father's shares in the newspaper, the "San Francisco Globe" and proves to be a formidable adversary of both Angela and Chase. Later, Richard is revealed to be Angela's son (thought dead at birth), and marries a widowed Maggie Gioberti. (Seasons 2-9)

;Lance Cumson - Lorenzo Lamas:Angela's playboy grandson by Julia, whom she often uses as a henchman in her schemes. A fervent ladies' man, Lance is as amoral as he is handsome. Angela persuades him to marry Melissa Agretti so that she can merge the Agretti lands with her own, which Lance would eventually inherit. After divorcing Melissa, Lance then marries Richard's stepdaughter Lorraine, who later dies. After relationships with singer Apollonia and a second relationship with Melissa, Lance eventually marries Pilar Ortega, the vineyard foreman's daughter.

;Melissa Agretti Cumson Gioberti - Ana Alicia:Feisty young heiress of her father's vineyard, Angela plots to have Melissa marry Lance as a scheme to bring the Agretti vineyards under her control, only to find that Melissa herself is as unscrupulous and scheming as she is. Melissa is the mother of Joseph Gioberti, following an affair with Cole. (Seasons 1-8)

;Cole Gioberti - William R. Moses:Chase and Maggie's son, who supports his father in his new venture running the vineyards. He falls in love with Melissa Agretti, and is the father of her child, Joseph. Cole and Melissa later marry after Melissa's divorce from Lance, though their marriage is equally as brief. (Seasons 1-7)

;Emma Channing - Margaret Ladd:Angela's emotionally fragile younger daughter, who eventually learns to resist Angela's constant attempts to control her. Much unlucky in love, her relationships with men always end in heartache or tragedy. (Seasons 1-9)

;Chao-Li - Chao-Li Chi:Angela's faithful Chinese major domo and chauffeur.

;Vickie Gioberti Hogan Stavros - Jamie Rose (Seasons 1-3), Dana Sparks (Seasons 6-8) :Chase and Maggie's daughter.

;Julia Cumson - Abby Dalton:Angela's eldest daughter and the mother of Lance, Julia initially works as a wine-maker at Falcon Crest. (Seasons 1-6)

;Philip Erickson - Mel Ferrer:Angela's crooked lawyer, and eventually second husband. (Seasons 1-3)

;Terry Hartford McCarthy Ranson Channing - Laura Johnson:Maggie Gioberti's younger sister. Beautiful but devious, she is a former call girl who creates scandal in Tuscany Valley with her attempts to move up the society ladder. After inheriting her husband Michael's wealth following his death in a plane crash, she marries Richard Channing. (Seasons 3-5)

;Pamela Lynch - Sarah Douglas (Seasons 3-4), Martine Beswick (Season 5):Personal assistant to Richard Channing

;Greg Reardon - Simon MacCorkindale:Smooth British lawyer who works for Angela. (Seasons 4-5)

;Gustav Riebmann - Paul Freeman:Head of a sinister neo-Nazi cartel who raises hell in Tuscany Valley (Season 4)

;Father Christopher Rossini - Ken Olin:Priest and illegitimate son of Julia Cumson (Season 5)

;Peter Stavros - Cesar Romero:Billionaire Greek industrialist who becomes romantically involved with Angela (Seasons 5-8)

;Eric Stavros - John Callahan:Peter Stavros' son, who marries Vickie Gioberti (Seasons 5-7)

;Dan Fixx - Brett Cullen:Long-lost relative of the Channings (Seasons 6-7)

;Frank Agretti - Rod Taylor:Melissa's uncle, and love interest for Angela. (Seasons 7-9)

;Nick Agretti - David Beecroft:Melissa's cousin and Frank's son (Season 8)

;Pilar Ortega/Cumson - Kristian Alfonso:Former teenage sweetheart of Lance Cumson and eventually his wife. Her Hispanic family works at the vineyards. (Seasons 8-9)

;Lauren Sharpe Daniels - Wendy Phillips:Maggies 2nd cousin and Love interest for Richard Channing. (Season 9)

;Michael Sharpe - Gregory Harrison:Maggies 2nd cousin,brother of Lauren and a Ruthless businessman who becomes an opponent of Richard Channing (Season 9)

;Genele Ericson - Andrea Thompson:Frank Agretti's murderous sister-in-law (Season 9)

pecial guest stars

;Jacqueline Perrault - Lana Turner:Chase's flamboyant mother and an enemy of Angela (Seasons 1-2)

;Dr. Michael Ranson - Cliff Robertson:Chase's cousin who works as a surgeon at the region's hospital. He later marries Terry Hartford (Season 3)

;Francesca Gioberti - Gina Lollobrigida:Angela's Italian half-sister who visits Tuscany Valley with a claim to a share of Falcon Crest (Season 4)

;Cassandra Wilder - Anne Archer:Cool businesswoman who makes her presence felt at Falcon Crest. Daughter of Anna Rossini, and mother of Michael Channing (Seasons 4-5)

;Anna Rossini - Celeste Holm:A widow with a score to settle with Angela (Seasons 4-5)

;Jordan Roberts - Morgan Fairchild:A glamorous attorney who works for Richard Channing (Season 5)

;Kit Marlowe - Kim Novak:A shady lady who causes mayhem when she arrives in Tuscany Valley, posing as Peter Stavros' stepdaughter, Skylar Kimball. (Season 6)

;Roland Saunders - Robert Stack:Mafioso-type criminal who briefly romances Angela and is out to kill Kit Marlowe (Season 6)

;Vince Karlotti - Marjoe Gortner:Psychic medium who has Emma Channing under his spell (Season 6)

;Nicole Sauget - Leslie Caron:Wealthy woman and old friend of Chase's (Season 7)

;Liz McDowell - Lauren Hutton :Businesswoman who has dealings with Richard Channing (Season 7)

;Carlton Travis - Eddie Albert:Villain whose business with Richard Channing turns deadly (Season 7)

;Madame Malec - Ursula Andress:Exotic woman whom Richard Channing deals with in his efforts to rescue Vickie Gioberti Stavros from a white slave ring (Season 7)

;Lillian Nash - Eve Arden: (Season 7)

;Samantha Ross - Ana Alicia:Doppelganger for Melissa Agretti who becomes involved in the schemes of both Angela and Richard (Season 8)

;Anne Bowen - Susan Blakely:Danny Sharpe's mother, and an old flame of both Richard Channing and Michael Sharpe (Season 9)

Other recurring cast

;Gus Nunouz - Nick Ramus :Foreman at vineyard and a friend to Chase (Season 1)

;Douglas Channing - Stephen Elliott:Angela's ex-husband and father of Richard, Julia and Emma (Season 1)

Tony Cumson - John Saxon (Seasons 1, 6-7), Robert Loggia (Season 2):Julia's ex-husband and Lance's father

;Father Bob - Bob Curtis:Catholic priest and Angela's friend, involved with several major characters throughout the series

;Carlo Agretti - Carlos Romero:Melissa's wealthy father, and owner of the Agretti vineyards (Seasons 1-2)

;Mario Nunouz - Mario Marcelino :Gus Nunouz's son, romantically involved with Vickie Gioberti (Seasons 1-2)

;Alicia Nunouz - Silvana Gallardo:Wife of Gus Nunouz, and mother of Mario (Seasons 1-2)

;Nick Hogan - Roy Thinnes:Vickie Gioberti's first husband. (Season 2-3)

;Diana Hunter - Shannon Tweed:Personal assistant to Richard Channing who is secretly involved in the mysterious Cartel organisation (Season 2)

;Darryl Clayton - Bradford Dillman:Film producer who works with Maggie Gioberti on a script as part of a plot by Angela (Season 2)

;Katherine Demery - Joanna Cassidy:Woman who becomes romantically involved with Cole Gioberti (Season 2)

;Sheila Hogan - Katherine Justice:Ex-wife of Nick Hogan (Seasons 2-3)

;Linda Caproni Gioberti - Mary Kate McGeehan:Cole Gioberti's first wife (Seasons 2-4)

;Vince Caproni - Harry Basch:Linda's father (Seasons 2-4)

;Joel McCarthy - Parker Stevenson:Terry Hartford's unsavoury ex-husband (Season 4)

;Lorraine Prescott - Kate Vernon:Stepdaughter of Richard Channing and love interest for Lance (Season 4)

;Charlotte Pershing - Jane Greer:Maggie's biological mother who gave her up for adoption at birth (Season 4)

;Connie Giannini - Carla Borelli:Woman with whom Chase Gioberti has a brief affair (Seasons 4-5)

;Damon Ross - Jonathan Frakes :Brother of Cassandra Wilder, and son of Anna Rossini (Seasons 4-5)

;Robin Agretti - Barbara Howard:Melissa's cousin, who becomes pregnant with Cole's child Hope Margaret as part of a surrogate pregnancy arrangement (Seasons 4-5)

;Apollonia - Apollonia Kotero:Budding pop star and love interest for Lance (Season 5)

;Dwayne Cooley - Daniel Greene :Dashing truck driver who falls for Emma Channing (Season 5)

;Jeff Wainwright - Edward Albert.:Press agent for a book written by Maggie Gioberti, whose interest in Maggie takes on a disturbing edge (Seasons 5-6)

;Li-Ying Chi - Rosalind Chao:Chao-Li's daughter (Season 5)

;Erin Jones - Jill Jacobson:Mysterious woman who works for Richard Channing (Seasons 5-6)

;Meredith Braxton - Jane Badler:Erin Jones' sister, and later assistant to Richard Channing (Season 6)

;Guy Stafford - Jeff Kober:Hired killer involved with Kit Marlowe (Season 6)

;Francine Hope - Melba Moore:Woman who tries to help Maggie Gioberti trace her baby (Season 6)

;Gabrielle Short - Cindy Morgan:Love interest for Chase (Seasons 6-7)

;Dina Wells - Robin Greer:Love interest for Lance (Seasons 6-7)

;Garth - Carl Held:Personal assistant to Richard (Seasons 6-8)

;John Remick - Ed Marinaro:Vietnam veteran and an old friend of Chase's (Season 7)

;Carly Fixx - Mariska Hargitay:Dan Fixx's sister (Seasons 7-8)

;Ben Agretti - Brandon Douglas:Son of Nick Agretti and Anna Cellini (Season 8)

;Cesar Ortega - Castulo Guerra:Pilar Ortega's father who works on the vineyards (Season 8)

;Tommy Ortega - Dan Ferro:Pilar Ortega's brother (Season 8)

;Gabriel Ortega - Danny Nucci:Pilar Ortega's younger brother (Season 8)

;Anna Cellini - Assumpta Serna:Love interest of Nick Agretti (Season 8)

;Charley St. James - Mark Lindsay Chapman:Sleazy villain who manipulates his way into Emma's affections and tries to kill Angela to gain control of Falcon Crest (Season 9)

;Ian St. James - David Hunt:Charley St. James' equally villainous brother (Season 9)

;Sydney St. James - Carla Gugino:Young wife of Ian St. James (Season 9)

;Danny Sharpe - David Sheinkopf:Headstrong young man who believes that Michael Sharpe is his father (Season 9)

;Mercedes Vargas - Martha Velez:Aunt to Pilar Ortega/Cumson who is secretly raising Pilar's daughter (Season 8)

;Walker Daniels - Robert Ginty:Lauren Daniels' husband (Season 9)

Behind the scenes

At first, "Falcon Crest" was intended to be a family drama series based on a family in the wine business, in much the way "The Waltons" had been about a family in the Great Depression.Fact|date=May 2008 In its first season, it was considered a serial and did well in the ratings. By its second season, CBS suggested that creator Earl Hamner make the storylines less self-contained and become more saga-like so as to emulate the success of Dallas, which was the #1 show at that time.Fact|date=May 2008

When David Selby came to "Falcon Crest" at the beginning of the second season, he created the character's name, Richard Denault Channing.Fact|date=May 2007 This was based on one of the former staff members, Richard Denault, who was a longtime Lorimar staffer.Fact|date=May 2007

An unaired pilot for the series was filmed entitled "The Vintage Years", which featured number of significant differences from the series that would eventually air. The character of Richard Channing was present in the original pilot, played by Michael Swan; this alternate Richard was Angela's biological son fighting for his domineering mother's favor. Barbara Stanwyck had been considered for the role of Angela Channing, but turned it down; Abby Dalton's character, Julia, was called Dorcas, Jane Wyman wore a grey wig as Angela, and Chase and Maggie were played in the pilot by Clu Gulager and Samantha Eggar respectively. Emma was not a character, but there was a subplot concerning a mysterious woman crying for her mother while locked away in one of the upstairs rooms.

Angela's Victorian mansion (built by her grandfather, Joseph "Giuseppe" Gioberti) is in real-life known as Spring Mountain Vineyards, a winery and tourist attraction in the Napa Valley.

Four endings were filmed for the "Climax" cliffhanger, the last episode of the second season in which the murderer of Carlo Agretti was revealed. Richard, Lance, Julia and Diana Hunter were all filmed being exposed as the killer. Four characters were slated to be potential bodies in the coffin shown in the last scene of the episode: Vickie Gioberti, Melissa Cumson, Diana Hunter or Jacqueline Perrault.

Chase almost died by Julia's bullet; actor Robert Foxworth was disappointed the show was becoming more sensationalised along the lines of "Dallas" and "Dynasty", and began to make grumblings about leaving.Fact|date=May 2007 Writers were going to have him the third victim of Julia when producers were able to convince Foxworth to stay by promising him the chance to direct a number of episodes of "Falcon Crest".Fact|date=February 2007 Though he stayed on for another four seasons, Foxworth eventually did leave the show in 1987, feeling that his character was becoming repetitive.Fact|date=May 2008

According to rumor, Jane Wyman had a running feud with Robert Foxworth, to the point where they measured each other's dressing room trailers just to make sure they were equal in size.Fact|date=May 2007 When Foxworth became a director for the show, Wyman demanded CBS add a clause to her contract also allowing her to be a director. Although she ultimately never directed any episodes, Wyman was pleased that she had the same designation as Foxworth.Fact|date=February 2007 Wyman had had a long-running feud with fellow movie star legend Lana Turner which dated back to their Hollywood years.Fact|date=May 2007 The two legendary actresses quickly refused to speak to each other and the producers had to film their confrontational scenes separately and then splice them together; Turner was written out of the show soon after.Fact|date=May 2007 A few years after she appeared on the program, Turner noted that she believed Wyman was negative in demeanor due to the fact that her ex-husband, Ronald Reagan, was elected President during the 1980s, something that Turner believed Wyman could not reconcile within herself.Fact|date=February 2007 Mel Ferrer, Celeste Holm and Simon MacCorkindale also stated that Wyman drove them off the show.Fact|date=February 2007

Sophia Loren was set to star in the role of Francesca Gioberti, Angela's secret half-sister who comes to the valley to threaten Angela's control of Falcon Crest.Fact|date=May 2007 Loren was to play thirteen episodes, and producers promised a fabulous wardrobe and a dynamic character that would rival "Dynasty"'s Alexis.Fact|date=May 2007 At the last minute, negotiations with Loren went sour and the deal fell through.Fact|date=May 2007 Gina Lollobrigida was recast in the role, but only signed on for four episodes. Interestingly, Loren was also Aaron Spelling's first choice for the role of "Alexis Carrington" in Dynasty, but was passed over as she was requesting too much money, thus allowing the role to go to Joan Collins.

The character of Meredith Braxton was supposed to be a lesbian whose female lover was her cohort in a scheme to extract a fortune from Richard Channing.Fact|date=May 2007 A staunch Catholic, Jane Wyman objected to the storyline, and Meredith and her lover Erin Jones were rewritten to be sisters instead.Fact|date=February 2007

Lauren Bacall and Mia Farrow were asked to guest-star in the third season in roles that were not defined, but negotiations fell through.Fact|date=May 2007 Other blockbuster names that the show tried to lure included Brooke Shields as a love interest for Lance Cumson; Richard Burton, who was asked to play Jacqueline Perrault's ex-husband; and Anthony Quinn, who was asked to play the brother of Peter Stavros in a planned storyline that would have both brothers waging a war that would draw Falcon Crest into its centre.Fact|date=May 2007 It was rumored that Burton was offered $2.5 million for a five-minute appearance.Fact|date=February 2007 At one point, Angie Dickinson was considered to have a guest role in the seventh season.Fact|date=May 2007 Before producers decided that Richard would be the child Angela was told had died at birth, it was thought that the child would be a daughter; Dickinson was considered for the role of Angela's long-lost daughter returning to the Valley to do war with her mother. Fact|date=May 2007

Jane Wyman, Chao-Li Chi, and Lorenzo Lamas were the only cast members to stay throughout the show's entire run; David Selby appeared in eight of the nine seasons, without missing an episode. Lorenzo Lamas was the only actor to appear in all 227 episodes of the series. Jane Wyman appeared in the second highest amount of episodes, a total of 208 of the 227 episodes (missing 19 episodes before and during in the ninth and final season due to health problems).

At the beginning of the ninth and final season in 1989-90, there were rumors circulating about actress Jane Wyman's health;Fact|date=May 2007 she had been hospitalized with liver problems and diabetes earlier that year, and the producers wrote her out of much of the final season. At one point, the writers were going to put Wyman's character in Greece, where she would visit her ex-husband (played by Cesar Romero).Fact|date=May 2007 However, when it proved impossible for her to appear on the show at all,Fact|date=May 2007 in the third episode of season 9 the writers put the character in a coma in the hospital, after almost being killed. In "The Return" (episode 9-20), Lance and Pilar went to visit Mrs. Channing at the hospital, but she had already disappeared from her room to return home. Wyman returned for the final three episodes of the season.

At the beginning of the ninth and final season, Susan Sullivan left the show, feeling that Maggie was repeating herself.Fact|date=May 2007

Long before Lorenzo Lamas auditioned for and won the role of Lance Cumson, Jane Wyman first met his father Fernando Lamas on an episode of her own anthology show in the 1950s.

In "Tuscany Venus" (episode 8-5), Nick purchased Angela a chair in the winery for her to sit in, and the character was seated in most of her scenes. This was due to Jane Wyman's seizure she suffered on set in the previous episode, in which she didn't appear.Fact|date=May 2007

Independent film actor Joey Quest Agretti legally changed his biological last name to that of Agretti having been a long time fan of the series and with the wildly popular character of Melissa Agretti

According to "Dallas" creator David Jacobs, before auditioning for "Falcon Crest", Robert Foxworth turned down the starring role of J.R. Ewing on "Dallas" because he did not want to play an unsympathetic character. [ [http://www.guardian.co.uk/Columnists/Column/0,,1754369,00.html Simon Hoggart, "Simon Hoggart's week: High-class rolling stones in Boulder", "The Guardian"] April 15 2006]


"Falcon Crest" has not yet been officially released on DVD. The rights to the series are held by Warner Bros. (successor-in-interest to the original production company Lorimar). WB has now made selected episodes of the series available for viewing on AOL's free-on-demand Internet service in2tv.

Up until Wednesday July 18th 2007, the Irish TV network RTÉ ran seasons 1-4 of the series, but it was untimely dropped however due to 'unsatisfactory' ratings. On April 22, 2008 however the series returned on RTÉ ONE showing season 4 in the morning slot. RTE are set to drop the series once more and not return it until late this year around Christmas.

In Sweden, reruns of seasons 1-9 currently airs on Kanal 9 (Previously seasons 1-4 ran on sister channel Kanal 5).

The German pay-TV channel Passion has started to rebroadcast Falcon Crest on 28 July 2008 showing five episodes a week.

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