Sludge metal

Sludge metal

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stylistic_origins =Doom metal Hardcore punk Southern rock
cultural_origins =Early 1990s, Louisiana
instruments =Electric guitar - Bass guitar - Drums - Vocals
popularity =Underground
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subgenres =Atmospheric sludge - Southern sludge - Stoner sludge
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regional_scenes =Southern United States (particularly New Orleans)
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Sludge metal (or sludgecore) is a form of heavy metal music that fuses doom metal and hardcore punk. Sludge metal is typically aggressive and abrasive; often featuring shouted vocals, heavily distorted instruments and sharply contrasting tempos. While the style was anticipated by the Melvins from Washington, many of its earliest pioneers were from the state of Louisiana.cite web|url=| title=Doom metal | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-02]


Sludge metal generally combines the slow tempos, heavy rhythms and dark, pessimistic atmosphere of doom metal with the aggression, shouted vocals and occasional fast tempos of hardcore punk.cite web|url=| title=Eyehategod
author=Huey, Steve | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-12
] As "The New York Times" put it, "The shorthand term for the kind of rock descending from early Black Sabbath and late Black Flag is "sludge", because it's so slow and dense." ["The New York Times", Pop/Jazz Listings, page 2, October 5, 2007 [] Access date: July 12, 2008] Many sludge bands compose slow-paced songs that contain brief hardcore passagescite web|url= | title=Eyehategod - "In the Name of Suffering"
author=York, William | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-12
] (for example, Eyehategod's "Depress"). However, some bands emphasize fast tempos throughout their music. The string instruments (electric guitar and bass guitar) are heavily distorted and are often played with large amounts of feedbackcite web|url= | title=Eyehategod - "Dopesick"
author=York, William | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-12
] to produce an abrasive, sludgy sound. Additionally, guitar solos are often absent. Drumming is often performed in typical doom metal fashion, but drummers may employ hardcore d-beat or double-kick drumming during faster passages. Vocals are usually shouted or screamed,cite web|url= | title=Eyehategod - "Take as Needed for Pain"
author=York, William | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-12
] cite web|url=| title=Soilent Green - "Sewn Mouth Secrets"
author=York, William | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-12
] and lyrics are generally pessimistic in nature.cite web|url=| title=Crowbar - "Crowbar"
author=Jeffries, Vincent | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-12
] Suffering, drug abuse,cite web|url=| title=Buzzov-en - "To a Frown"
author=Kennedy, Patrick | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-12
] cite web|url=| title=Buzzov-en - "Sore"
author=Kennedy, Patrick | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-12
] cite web|url=| title=Acid Bath - "When the Kite String Pops"
author=York, William | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-12
] politics and anger towards society are common lyrical themes.

Many sludge metal bands from the Southern United States incorporate Southern rock and blues influence,cite web|url=| title=Corrosion of Conformity
author=Huey, Steve | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-02
] cite web|url=| title=Soilent Green
author=York, William | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-02
] although not all sludge bands share this style. So-called "atmospheric" sludge bands adopt a more experimental approach and compose music with an ambient atmosphere, reduced aggression and philosophical lyrics.cite web|url=| title=Isis
author=Downey, Ryan J. | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-02
] Due to the similarities between sludge and stoner metal, there is often a crossover between the two genres,cite web|url=| title=Bongzilla - "Gateway"
author=Serba, John | quote=…sounding like a cross between Sleep's drowsy, Black Sabbathy meanderings and Electric Wizard/Burning Witch-style gut-curdling, muddy sludge.
work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-02
] cite web|url=| title=Kylesa
author=Mason, Stewart | quote=…elements of hardcore punk, psychedelic stoner rock, technical speed metal, and good old-fashioned Black Sabbath sludge appear in their music.
work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-02
] but sludge metal generally avoids stoner metal's positive atmosphere and its usage of psychedelia. Sludge metal also bears some musical and lyrical resemblance to crust punk, due to the usage of political lyrics and thick, 'dirty' guitar sounds.


During the 1980s, a variety of underground bands composed music that would influence sludge metal. Groups such as Flipper, Black Flag, Amebix, Swans and Neurosis, were among the first to mix punk with Black Sabbath style doom. Groups who emerged from grindcore, such as Godflesh and Scorn, also practiced a form of industrial sludge.

Perhaps the most significant influence was the Melvins, a band from the state of Washington. Their earliest releases, "Six Songs" (1986) and "Gluey Porch Treatments" (1987), are often regarded as the first sludge records. At this time, the band was also an important member of Washington grunge scene.

At the beginning of the 1990s, a number of bands from Louisiana (particularly New Orleans with its metal scene) took these influences and developed the style that would be known as sludge. Eyehategod (formed in 1988), Crowbar (formed in 1989cite web|url= | title=The Slugs | work=Encyclopaedia Metallum| accessdate=2008-09-02] as The Slugs),cite web|url=| title=Crowbar
author=Huey, Steve | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-02
] Buzzov*en (formed in 1989)cite web|url=| title=Buzzov-en
author=York, William | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-02
] and Acid Bath (formed in 1991)cite web|url=| title=Acid Bath
author=York, William | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-02
] pioneered this movement. In the Northeast, Grief and 13 (formed in 1991) adopted a slower-paced approach to the emerging genre. Sludge metal subsequently spread throughout the Southern United States.

During the early 2000s many sludge bands began to incorporate post-rock elements into their music. This new sound was greatly inspired by the experimental style of Neurosis, and is performed by prominent bands such as Isis, Cult of Luna and Pelican.cite web|first = Aaron|last = Burgess|url =| title = The loveliest album to crush our skull in months| publisher = "Alternative Press"|accessdate=2008-09-02|date = 2006-05-23]

ludge metal bands by style

Traditional/Southern sludge metal

These bands are the pioneers of the genre or are strongly influenced by those bands. Many are from the Southern United States.
*Acid Bath
*Artimus Pyledriver
*Black Cobra
*Corrosion of Conformity
*Downcite web|url=| title=Down
author=Prato, Greg | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-05-19
*Dystopiacite web|url= | title=Dystopia | work=Encyclopaedia Metallum| accessdate=2008-05-19]
*Iron Monkeycite web|url=| title=Iron Monkey
author=Kott, Paul | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-05-19
*Melvinscite web|url=| title=Melvins - "Gluey Porch Treatments"
author=Raggett, Ned | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-05-19

toner sludge metal

These bands have mixed typical stoner metal traits with typical sludge metal traits, and may be considered a part of both genres.
*Bongzillacite web|url=| title=Bongzilla
author=Rivadavia, Eduardo | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-05-19
*Electric Wizardcite web|url=| title=Electric Wizard
author=Rivadavia, Eduardo and Koets, Tara | quote=…it so effortlessly bridged the stylistic gaps between doom, sludge, stoner, horror, and, at times, even space metal…
work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-02
*High on Firecite web|url=| title=High on Fire - "Surrounded by Thieves"
author=Violante, Isaiah | quote=…manufacturing that sludgy, choleric sound…
work=Pitchfork Media| accessdate=2008-09-01
] [ [, Rockdetector: High on Fire biography] ]
*Kylesacite web|url=| title=Kylesa
author=Mason, Stewart | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-05-19
*Torchecite web|url=| title=Torche
author=Heaney, Greg | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-06-10
*Weedeatercite web|url=| title=Weedeater
author=Rivadavia, Eduardo | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-05-19

Atmospheric sludge metal

Many of these bands are also considered to be a part of the closely-related post-metal genre.
*Callisto ("True Nature Unfolds" and "Noir")
*Cult of Luna
*Giant Squid
*Mouth of the Architect
*Neurosiscite web|url=| title=Neurosis
author=Huey, Steve | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-05-19
*The Ocean
*Pelican (earlier)

Other sludge metal styles

*3D House of Beef (characteristically slower sludge metal and doom metal)
*Baroness (sludge metal, progressive metal and alternative metal)cite web|url=| title=Baroness
author=Deming, Mark | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-05-21
] cite web|url=| title=Baroness - "Red Album"
author=Prato, Greg | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-05-21
*Boris (sludge metal, drone doom, stoner metal, psychedelic rock and noise rock)
*Corrupted (sludge metal, funeral doom, drone doom and ambient)
*Fudge Tunnel (sludge metal and alternative metal)cite web|url=| title=Fudge Tunnel
author=Rivadavia, Eduardo | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-05-19
] cite web|url=| title=Fudge Tunnel | work=Encyclopaedia Metallum| accessdate=2008-05-19]
*Halo (sludge metal and industrial music)
*Kingdom of Sorrow (sludge metal and metalcore)cite web|url=| title=Kingdom of Sorrow
author=True, Chris | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-05-21
] cite web|url=| title=Kingdom of Sorrow - "Kingdom of Sorrow"
author=Prato, Greg | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-05-21
*Lair of the Minotaur (sludge metal and thrash metal)
*Mastodon (sludge metal and progressive metal)cite web|url=| title=Mastodon
author=York, William | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-05-19
*Moss (sludge metal and drone doom)
*Soilent Green (sludge metal and deathgrind)cite web|url=| title=Soilent Green - "Pussysoul"
author=York, William | work=Allmusic| accessdate=2008-09-12
*Superjoint Ritual (sludge metal, thrash metal, hardcore punk, southern metal, heavy metal, groove metal)

ee also

*Extreme metal
*Grunge music


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