List of Australian political scandals

List of Australian political scandals

This is a list of major political controversies in Australia:

* Nevanas affair (1915)
* Mungana Affair (1929)
* Lang Dismissal Crisis (1932)
* The attempted exclusion of Egon Kisch (1934)
* The South Australian Electoral Playmander 1936 to 1968
* Petrov Affair (1954)
* Gair Affair (1974)
* Cairns-Morosi Loans Affair(1975)
* 1975 Australian constitutional crisis (1975)
* Combe-Ivanov affair (1983)
* Fitzgerald Inquiry into Queensland premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen (1987)
* Marshall Islands affair (1992)
* WA Inc scandal and royal commission (1992)
* Easton affair (1992)
* Sports rorts affair (1994)
* Travel Rorts affair (1997)
* Kernot-Evans affair (1998)
* Bruce Stadium affair (2000)
* Telstra Card Affair Peter Reith (2000)
* Motorola affair (2001)
* Tampa dispute (2001)
* Children overboard affair (2001)
* Resignation of Governor-General Peter Hollingworth (2003)
* Orange Grove affair (2004)
* Trish Draper travel incident (2004)
* Unlawful detention of Cornelia Rau (2005)
* Unlawful deportation of Vivian Solon (2005)
* AWB Limited kickbacks scandal (2006)
* Printgate (involving Andrew Laming, Gary Hardgrave and Ross Vasta) (2007)
* Regional Rorts affair (2007) [ [ Lateline - 15/11/2007: Report scathing of Govts handling of regional grants program ] ]
* Lindsay pamphlet scandal (2007)
* Iguanagate (2008)


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