VMD can refer to any of the following:

* Visual molecular dynamics, a molecular modelling and visualization computer program
* Versatile Multilayer Disc, a high-capacity optical disc technology designed for High Definition Television
* the academic degree bestowed upon a Veterinary Medical Doctor or (colloquially) a Veterinarian by a University—"e.g. 'Jane Smith, VMD."'
**"The VMD degree (Veterinariae Medicinae Doctoris) is the equivalent of the DVM degree
* Vacuum Metal Deposition, a method of surface coating commonly used in forensics to detect latent fingerprints on smooth surfaces.
*Sierra Video and Music Data File, a full-motion video format used in Sierra games such as Phantasmagoria and .
*Vector Meson Dominance, in physics a model describing the hadron photoproduction process.

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