BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series

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name=BMW 7 Series
predecessor=BMW New Six
class=Full-size luxury car
body_style=4-door sedan
layout=FR layout
assembly=Dingolfing, Germany
Cairo, Egypt

The BMW 7 Series is a line of full-size luxury vehicles produced by the German automaker BMW. It replaced the "New Six" models in 1977. It is BMW's flagship car and is only available as a sedan.

There have been five generations of the 7 Series:
* BMW E23 (1977–1986)
* BMW E32 (1987–1994)
* BMW E38 (1994–2001)
* BMW E65/E66 (2002–2008)
* BMW F01 (2009-present)

E23 (1977–1986)

Infobox Automobile generation

engine=3.2 L I8
3.4 L I6
2.5 L I6
2.8 L I6
3.0 L I6
3.3 L I6
3.5 L I6
transmission=4-speed automatic
Models offered:

E38 (1995–2001)

Infobox Automobile generation

wheelbase=120.9 in
115.4 in (base only)
length=201.7 in
196.2 in (base only)
width=73.3 in
height=56.1 in
56.5 in (base only)
engine=4.4 L 282 hp V8
5.4 L 322 hp V12
5.4 L 326 hp V12
transmission=5-speed automatic
5-speed manual
The E38 generation (1995-2001) had a five-speed automatic. The engine variants in Europe were 725tds, 728i, 730i, 730d, 735i, 740i (4.0 and 4.4 L), 740d and 750i (with a 5.4 L 322 bhp [240 kW] engine, as was used in the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph).

In the Americas, the models were sold as the 740i, 740iL and 750iL. The 740i and 740iL share the same 4.4 L V8 engine. The 740iL is essentially a long-wheelbase 740i (hence the "L" in the model name). The considerably rarer 5.4 L V12-powered 750iL was only available as a long-body; there was no E38 750i in the US lineup. The 750iL was BMW's flagship sedan.

E65/E66 (2001–2008)

Infobox Automobile generation

wheelbase=117.7 in (SWB)
123.2 in (LWB)
length=198 in (2002-05 E65)
203.5 in (2002-05 E66)
198.4 in (2006-present E65)
203.9 in (2006-present E66)
width=74.9 in
height=58.7 in
58.4 in (2006-present LWB)
58.1 in (Alpina B7)
engine=4.4 L 325 hp V8
4.8 L 360 hp V8
6.0 L 438 hp V12
4.4 L 500 hp V8
transmission=5-speed automatic
6-speed automatic

The current 7 Series is available on four different platforms: the standard-wheelbase E65 (2990 mm, 118 in), the extended-wheelbase E66 (3130 mm, 123 in), the High Security version E67 and the hydrogen powered version E68.

The E65/E66/E67/E68 7 Series features BMW's first of a kind iDrive system, consisting of a video screen in the dashboard and a controller mounted on the center console that is used in a similar way to a computer mouse. Using a system of eight menus, most of the car's climate, audio, navigation, suspension and communication settings are controlled via iDrive. However, the system has been criticized by many automotive writers as being too complex and not intuitive enough.

"Active" Seat continuous passive motion technology is made standard equipment on the 750/760 models and included in the Luxury Seating Package with heated and ventilated seats for driver and front passenger on the 745 models.

The car has been available in thirteen variants [] —of those, 11 are now in production and on sale in Europe, with five available in the U.S. since diesel models are not available there.

cite web |url= |title=New BMW 7-Series F01 Specifications and Photos |accessmonthday=July 5 |accessyear=2008 |author=Paul Tan |date=July 5, 2008 |work=Paul Tan's Automotive News ]

Improved iDrive

The new F01/F02 is equipped with a more intuitive iDrive system with a full featured web browser.cite web |url= |title=New BMW 7-Series F01 Specifications and Photos |accessmonthday=July 5 |accessyear=2008 |author=Paul Tan |date=July 5, 2008 |work=Paul Tan's Automotive News ] [ Video] this will be safer, and more technologically advanced as well as rich in entertainment.

Innovative Night Vision

The new 7 series features a night vision system with integrated individual pedestrian notification.cite web |url= |title=New BMW 7-Series F01 Specifications and Photos |accessmonthday=July 5 |accessyear=2008 |author=Paul Tan |date=July 5, 2008 |work=Paul Tan's Automotive News ] [ Video]

elf-Parking System

BMW has developed a parking-assist technology that can automatically park the car while the driver stands outside and watch as the internal robotics park it using a combination of sensors. A prototype of the system has been completed and a [ demo video] was recorded using a BMW 730i.


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