Asturian cinema

Asturian cinema

The Asturian Cinema (or "Asturian National Cinema") in Asturias, Spain, began in 1905 with the production of the first Asturian fiction film known as "El robo de fruta" (The fruit robbery). It was filmed by the Asturian film maker Javier Sánchez Manteola. This movie was filmed in Xixón (Asturias) and premiered in that city in the same year. It was shown in the old movie theater know as Salón Luminoso once located at Begoña Walk. In commemoration of this even the Asturian Film Festival was established in the year 2005 [ [ Asturian National Cinema sp icon] ]

Other significance of the Asturian National Cinema

The independent regional theater and more recent film festival can be understood in the context of the active secessionist movement in the region. Andecha Astur (AA) is an Asturian nationalist left-wing political party of Spain which sponsors recognition for Asturias as an independent nation, self-determination for Asturias, and use of the Asturian language as a national language of Asturias. Hence the name of "Asturian National Cinema" stands as a symbol of the desire for secession.


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