London Underground 1920 Stock

London Underground 1920 Stock

Infobox Underground stock
name = 1920 Stock
InService = 1920-1969
Manufacturer = Cammell Laird
Weight =
CarHeight =
CarWidth =
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The 1920 Tube Stock consisted of forty cars built by Cammell Laird in Nottingham, England. These cars were the first tube cars built new with air operated doors. There were no driving motor cars, only control trailers and trailers, of which there were twenty each.

They were used with twenty French-built "Gate Stock" driving motor cars, which had been converted to air-operated doors for use with the 1920 stock. In 1930, the driving motor cars were replaced with twenty examples of "Standard Stock" driving motor cars.

They were initially used on the Piccadilly line, being transferred to the Bakerloo line in 1930.

As built the cars had longitudinal seating through the length of the car. In the early 1930s, the interior was refurbished so that that the centre section had bay seating.

The 1920 stock cars were retired from service in 1938.

The cars were scrapped between 1946 and 1948 with the exception of five cars that were rebuilt into an instruction train. These five cars remained in this use until 1969 when they were scrapped.

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**ltmcollection|h2/i0000ah2.jpg|1920 stock trailer car 710, 1923.
**ltmcollection|g3/i0000ag3.jpg|1920 stock car unrefurbished interior, 1923.

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