House of Aviz

House of Aviz

The House of Aviz (in the current spelling Avis, pron. IPA2|ɐ.'viʃ) is a dynasty of kings of Portugal. In 1385, the Interregnum of the 1383-1385 crisis ended with the acclamation of the Master of the Order of Aviz, John, natural son of king Pedro I and Dona Teresa Lourenço as king. The descendants of king John I were still nominal masters of Aviz, though they were often replaced by other priests. With the death of John II, some claimed that a new branch of the House is inaugurated, with his cousin Manuel, Duke of Beja - hence, the branch of Aviz-Beja. The house of Aviz ended with the death of king Henry I in 1580. After a short struggle for the throne of Portugal the Crown of Portugal was taken by the Spanish branch of the Habsburgs, though only in a personal union that did not formally end Portuguese independence. The Crown would return to a Portuguese dynasty in 1640 with the House of Braganza.

Kings of the House of Aviz

*João I, "The Good" or "The One of Happy Memory" 1385 - 1433
*Duarte I, "The Philosopher" or "The Eloquent" 1433 - 1438
*Afonso V, "The African" 1438 - 1481
*João II, "The Perfect Prince" 1481 - 1495
*Manuel I, "The Fortunate" 1495 - 1525
*João III, "the Pious" 1525 - 1557
*Sebastião I, "the Desired" 1557 - 1578
*Cardinal Henrique, "The Chaste" 1578 - 1580
*Anthony I, "Prior of Crato" 1580 ("disputed")

Cardinal Henry (or Anthony I) was succeeded by half-Portuguese king Philip I of Portugal, also Philip II of Castile, even if his mother tongue was Portuguese. The Habsburgs would remain in Portugal until 1640, with the acclamation of the Duke of Bragança as John IV of Portugal.

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