Weld most commonly refers to a joint formed by welding. Weld may also refer to


* Weld family, an extended family of New England
** Theodore Dwight Weld
** Tuesday Weld
* Weld-Blundell family
* Cecil Weld-Forester, 1st Baron Forester
* Cecil Weld-Forester, 5th Baron Forester
* Charles Goddard Weld
* Charles Joseph Weld
* Dermot Weld
* Ezra Greenleaf Weld
* Sir Frederick Aloysius Weld
* George Weld-Forester, 3rd Baron Forester
* George Walker Weld
* Greg Weld
* Isaac Weld
* John Weld-Forester, 2nd Baron Forester
* Orlando Weld-Forester, 4th Baron Forester
* Philip Saltonstall Weld
* Seth L. Weld, Philippine-American War Medal of Honor recipient
* Stephen Minot Weld
* Stephen Minot Weld, Jr.
* Susan Roosevelt Weld
* Theresa Weld
* Thomas Weld (cardinal) (1773–1837), British Roman Catholic Cardinal
* Thomas Weld (minister)
* William Weld, former Governor of Massachusetts
* William Fletcher Weld
* William Gordon Weld


* Weld (album), a 1991 live album by Neil Young & Crazy Horse
* "Reseda luteola", a plant which is also called "Dyer's Rocket"
* Weld Boathouse
* Weld Hall


* [http://www.dyeplants.de/faerberwau.html Data sheet with pictures of weld] (German)

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(Reseda luteola)

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