Languages of Portugal

Languages of Portugal

Languages of
country = Portugal
official =Portuguese
unofficial =
main =
minority =
foreign = English (32%)
French (24%)
Spanish (9%)
sign = Portuguese Sign Language
keyboard = Portuguese QWERTY

source = [ ebs_243_en.pdf] (

The languages of Portugal are the languages spoken or once spoken in the territory of the country of Portugal.


Portuguese is practically universal in Portugal, but there are some specificities.

*Portuguese language (European Portuguese), with the following dialects:
**The Southern and Central dialects - They include the dialect of the capital, Lisbon, which however has some peculiarities of its own. Although the dialects of the Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira have unique characteristics, as well, they can also be grouped with the southern dialects.
***1 - "
***2 - "
***3 - " (there is a particular small dialect in the western area)
***5 - [ Baixo-Beirão; Alto-Alentejano] — "Central Portugal (interior)"
***6 - [ Beirão] — "central Portugal"
***7 - [ Estremenho] — "Regions of Coimbra and Lisbon" (can be subdivided in Lisbon Portuguese and Coimbra Portuguese)
***8 - "
**The Northern dialects - This includes the dialect of Porto, Portugal's second largest city.
***4 - (interior)"
***9 - "
***10 - "
**Barranquenho - In the town of Barrancos (in the border between Extremadura, Andalusia and Portugal), a dialect of Portuguese heavily influenced by Extremaduran is spoken, known as "Barranquenho".
*Mirandese language - A dialect of Astur-Leonese spoken in Miranda do Douro, in northeastern Portugal.
*Portuguese Sign Language.


Other languages have been extensively spoken in the territory of modern Portugal:

Pre-Roman languages

*Proto-Celtic & Celtic languages
**Celtiberian language
**Gallaecian language
*Old European language
*Tartessian language
*Lusitanian language

Roman, Post-Roman and Medieval languages

*Arabic language
**Andalusi Arabic
**Classical Arabic
*Berber languages
*Germanic languages
**Gothic language
**Suebi language
**Vandalic language
*Latin language
**Vulgar Latin
***Iberian Romance languages
****Leonese language
****Mozarabic languages
****Judeo-Romance languages
*Scythian languages
**Alanic language

ee also

*Iberian languages
*Languages of Spain
*Iberian Romance languages

External links

* [ Detailed map of the Pre-Roman Peoples of Iberia (around 200 BC)]
* [ Detailed linguistic map of the Iberian Peninsula]

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