Constitution Party of Minnesota

Constitution Party of Minnesota
Constitution Party of Minnesota
Chairman Tamara Houle
Senate leader None
House leader None
Headquarters 42703 US 71
Bertha, MN 56437
Ideology Social conservatism, National Conservatism, Paleoconservatism, American Nationalism, Economic Nationalism
International affiliation None
Official colors Red, white, and blue
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The Constitution Party of Minnesota is an affiliate party of the national Constitution Party. The party supports strict adherence to the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Minnesota Constitution. The party takes very conservative stances on social and fiscal issues.



As an affiliate of the Constitution Party, the Constitution Party of Minnesota (CPMN) supports the platform of the U.S. Constitution Party. This is reflected as an opening affiliation statement of the CPMN platform.

Presidential tickets

Endorsed state candidates

Electoral history

Ballot access

Minnesota Law requires “minor party” candidates wishing to have their name placed on the general election ballot to obtain nominating petition signatures. The number of signatures required depends on the office being sought.

  • U.S. Senator: 2,000 signatures
  • State Office voted on Statewide (including Presidential Electors): 2,000 signatures
  • U.S. Congressional Office: 1,000 signatures
  • County or legislative office: 500 signatures

The signatures must be obtained and the nominating petitions must be filed during the filing period which is generally about two week’s time.

Currently the only political parties designated with “major party” status are the Democratic Farmer-Labor (DFL), Independence Party and the Republican Party. All others must follow the above mentioned ballot access requirements.

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