Orange drink

Orange drink
Fig. 1:Orange Drink

The term orange drink (not to be confused with orange soft drinks) refers to a sweet, sugary, sometimes fizzy, orange-flavored drink.

Typically such beverages contain little or no orange juice and are mainly composed of water, sugar or sweeteners, flavor, coloring, and additives, sometimes in that order. As such, they are very low in nutritional value, although many are fortified with vitamin C and [1] In 2002, however, a "cheap, fortified, orange-flavored drink" was developed with the intention of improving nutrition in the third world by adding Vitamin A, Iron, and Iodine to people's diets.[2]

Because orange drinks can be confused with orange juice, the U.S. government requires orange drinks, as well as other beverages whose names allude to fruit products, to state the percentage of juice contained above the "Nutrition Facts" label.[3] and requires companies to state them as orange drinks instead of orange juice.


  • No Name Orange Drink (Canada)
  • Orange squash
  • McDonald's Orange Drink (replaced with Hi-C Orange Lavaburst in some areas)
  • Nutri Star (the Venezuelan version of "fortified orange drink.")[2]
  • Sunny Delight
  • Tang
  • Orangeade, more like an orange soft drink
  • Kwenchy Kups, a sugar-free orange flavour drink sold in plastic pots.
  • A product named Orange Drink, marketed by the Dairy Maid company on the Bahamian island of New Providence[citation needed].

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