Abraham Hyatt

Abraham Hyatt

Abraham Hyatt (born 1976, San Luis Obispo, California) is the managing editor of "Oregon Business", a magazine based in Portland, Oregon. In 2008 he received awards [ [http://bizpubs.org/documents/BPawards08.pdf "The Alliance announces 2008 editorial excellence award winners for leading business publications" June 21, 2008] ] from the AABP for his body of work during the previous year and for his coverage of Native American tribal economies. [ [http://www.oregonbusiness.com/.docs/action/detail/rid/28881/pg/10446 "Tribes 2.0" by Abraham Hyatt, "Oregon Business", October 2007] ] He also received awards [ [http://www.spjoregon.org/contest2007.html "Awards in the 2007 Non-daily Contest of the Oregon/Southwest Washington Professional Chapter" May 31, 2008] ] in 2008 from the Oregon chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists for his work on tribal economies, and for his reportage on the conflict between proponents of wave energy and the Pacific Northwest fishing industry. [ [http://www.oregonbusiness.com/.docs/action/detail/rid/26335/pg/104440 "Trouble at sea" by Abraham Hyatt, "Oregon Business", June 2007] ]

Before joining Oregon Business, Hyatt worked as a reporter at "The (San Luis Obispo) Tribune" where he covered financial, legal, and political issues in regional communities on the Central Coast of California. He investigated government agencies that flouted public record laws [ [http://www.ire.org/foi/pastnews.html "Public records difficult to obtain" by Abraham Hyatt and Leslie Griffy, "The (San Luis Obispo) Tribune," March, 2006] ] [ [http://www.redorbit.com/news/education/432723/records_act_violations_piling_up/index.html "Records Act Violations Piling Up" by Abraham Hyatt, "The (San Luis Obispo) Tribune," March 17, 2006] ] and non-profit agencies that hid operating costs from donors. [http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_km4475/is_200603/ai_n16324542] Much of his work focused on the lead up to the Los Osos Community Services District bankruptcy, one of the most expensive municipal bankruptcies in the nation. [http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_km4475/is_200607/ai_n16590847]

Hyatt has also worked as a reporter at the California alternative-weekly, "San Luis Obispo New Times". His investigative work included stories on a California state senator who accepted $31,000 in gifts from special interest groups, [ [http://archive.newtimesslo.com/index.php?p=showarticle&id=370 "Is Abel too friendly with the energy biz?" by Abraham Hyatt, "San Luis Obispo New Times", March 10, 2005] ] a disability litigant who filed millions of dollars in specious lawsuits, [ [http://archive.newtimesslo.com/index.php?p=showarticle&id=1175 "Wheels of fortune" by Abraham Hyatt, "San Luis Obispo New Times", June 23, 2005] ] and the high number of weapon seized at a regional airport. [ [http://archive.newtimesslo.com/index.php?p=showarticle&id=1268 "Airport nabs high amount of weapons" by Abraham Hyatt, "San Luis Obispo New Times", August 18, 2005] ]

From 2002 to 2004, he worked as the arts and entertainment editor of the "Santa Maria Sun" in Santa Maria, California.


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