God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!

God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!

name = God Wants Me To Forgive "Them"!?!

caption = DVD cover
writer = Phil Vischer
director = Phil Vischer,
Chris Olsen
distributor = Word Audio
Everland Entertainment
(1994 to 1999)
Lyrick Studios
(2000 to 2003)
Sony Wonder
(2003 to present)
starring = Phil Vischer,
Mike Nawrocki,
Lisa Vischer,
Dan Anderson,
Jeff Morrow
music = Phil Vischer,
Lisa Vischer
released = October 1994 (VHS release) May 18,2004 (DVD release)
runtime = 30 minutes
language = English
preceded_by = "Where's God When I'm S-Scared?"
followed_by = "Are You My Neighbor?"
imdb_id = 0284606

"God Wants Me To Forgive Them!?!" is the second episode of the "VeggieTales" animated series. It was released in October 1994 on VHS and re-issued on DVD May 18,2004. It features two short stories about forgiveness. The first is about a family of cranky grapes that torments a young boy (Junior Asparagus) who must find it in himself to forgive them. The second is a parody of Gilligan's Island.


This episode, subtitled "A Lesson in Forgiveness" teaches viewers the importance of forgiving others when they act carelessly or thoughtlessly. The first segment is a loose parody of John Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath". In this story Pa Grape makes his "VeggieTales" debut as the patriarch of a family of cranky grapes, who, upon seeing "a stranger" standing by the side of the road, proceed to hurl insults at him. Junior forgives them at his father's urging, but must forgive them a second time when they laugh at his comical though unintentional tumble down a hill.

The second segment, "Larry's Lagoon" parodies the television classic "Gilligan's Island". In this story Larry the Cucumber plays the part of the first mate who, while daydreaming, crashes and sinks a ship, marooning its passengers and crew on a deserted island. The passengers are unable to forgive him for ruining their vacation. Bob the Tomato, playing the part of the Skipper, is also mad at Larry, but when Larry, feeling unappreciated, decides to go out on shore and leave, Bob realizes the error of their ways. They finally are able to forgive Larry for stranding them on the island. The cast is finally able to escape the island on a bamboo helicopter cobbled together overnight by the Professor.

Cast of Characters

The Grapes of Wrath

* Pa Grape as himself (debut)
* Ma Grape as herself (debut)
* Tom and Rosie Grape as themselves (debut)
* Junior Asparagus as himself
* Dad Asparagus as himself

Larry's Lagoon

* Bob the Tomato as the Skipper
* Larry The Cucumber as First Mate Larry
* Archibald Asparagus as the Millionaire
* Archibald's wife as the millonarie's wife named Lovey(debut)
* Dad Asparagus as the Professor
* Palmy the Palm Tree as himself (debut)


* Opening Countertop
* The Grapes of Wrath
* The Forgive-o-Matic
* Larry's Lagoon
* Closing Countertop


* " The VeggieTales Theme Song"
* "We Are the Grapes of Wrath" (Sung by the Cranky Grapes)
* "Some Veggies Went to Sea" (Sung by Bob and Larry)
* "The Forgiveness Song" (Sung by Palmy)
* "What We Have Learned"


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