Violet may refer to:


* Violet (color), which is primarily used to describe a color often confused with purple.


* Violet (name), a given name for girls
* Violet Berlin, the presenter of the television program "Game Pad"
* Violet Bonham Carter, British politician
* Violet Jessop, stewardess, survived three famous shipwrecks including the Titanic
* Violet Wilkey, American child actress of the silent film era
* Violet, the stage name of singer Amelia Brightman

In biology

* Violet, a plant of the genus "Viola"
* African violet, a plant of the genus "Saintpaulia" that has a superficial resemblance to "Viola"
* Dogtooth violet, any of several species of the genus "Erythronium"
*Sea violet, a type of edible ascidian, or sea squirt

In geography

* Violet, Louisiana, a city in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana

In entertainment

* "Violet" (musical), an off-Broadway musical
* "Violet" (album), an album by The Birthday Massacre
* "Violet" (song), a song by the band Hole
* "Violet", a song by Seal, from his first album "Seal" (1991 album)
* "Violet" (film), a 1981 short film

Fictional characters

* Violet (comics) a.k.a. Shrinking Violet, a character in the DC Comics series "Legion of Super-Heroes"
* Violet (Peanuts), a character in the comic strip "Peanuts" by Charles M. Schulz
* Violet Baudelaire, a character from the highly popular "A Series of Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket
* Violet Beauregarde, a character in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Roald Dahl
* Violet Parr, a character in the Pixar movie "The Incredibles"
* Violet Song jat Shariff, a character in the 2006 film "UltraViolet"
* Violet (Tekken), a character / an alter-ego of a character in "Tekken 4"
* Violet, a character in "Fifi & the Flowertots".
* Violet, a character in the 1980's cartoon "Rainbow Brite"
* Violet, a character in the 1978 film "Pretty Baby", directed by Louis Malle
* Violet, a character in the 1996 film "Bound"
* Violet Heaslip, Becky Botsford's/WordGirl's best friend in the series of WordGirl
* Violet Potato, Elena Potato's baby sister in the series of Monster Allergy

Other uses

* Violets is the name of New York University's sports teams, and the school color
* [ Violet UML Editor] is a free, cross-platform, UML editor, that is easy to learn and use.

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