Kingdom of Holland

Kingdom of Holland

Infobox Former Country
native_name = "Koningrijk Holland"
conventional_long_name = Kingdom of Holland
common_name = Holland
continent = Europe
region = Low Countries
country = Netherlands
era = Napoleonic Era
status = Client
status_text = Client of the French Empire
empire = France
government_type = Monarchy
year_start = 1806
date_start = June 5
event_end =
year_end = 1810
date_end = July 9
p1 = Batavian Republic
flag_p1 = Nl-batr.gif
s1 = First French Empire
flag_s1 = Flag of France.svg

symbol = Coat of arms of the Netherlands

image_map_caption = The Kingdom of Holland
capital = Amsterdam
currency = Dutch Guilder
common_languages = Dutch
leader1 = Louis I
year_leader1 = 1806–10
leader2 = Louis II
year_leader2 = 1810

:"Not to be confused with the Kingdom of the Netherlands."

The Kingdom of Holland 1806 - 1810 ( _nl. Koningrijk Holland, _fr. Royaume de Hollande) was set up by Napoleon Bonaparte as a puppet kingdom for his third brother, Louis Bonaparte, in order to better control the Netherlands. The name of the leading province, Holland, was now taken for the whole country. In 1807 Prussian East Frisia and Jever were added to the kingdom but in 1809, after an English invasion, Holland had to give over all territories south of the river Rhine to France.

King Louis did not perform to Napoleon's expectations - he tried to serve Dutch interests instead of his brother's - and the kingdom was dissolved in 1810 after which the Netherlands were annexed by France until 1813. The kingdom of Holland covered the area of present day Netherlands, with the exception of Limburg, and parts of Zeeland, which were French territory. East Frisia (in present day Germany) was also part of the kingdom. []

Coat of Arms

Napoleon's brother Louis Bonaparte was installed as King of Holland 5th June 1806. Originally the arms of the new kingdom were to be like those of the Kingdom of Italy [
] an eagle bearing a shield – with the arms of the United Netherlands, the lion now royally crowned. December 1806 A. Renodi in Paris designed arms quartering the Napoleonic eagle with the lion of the United Netherlands. Around the shield was the French Order of the ‘Grand Aigle’. Behind the shield are – typically for the Napoleonic heraldry – crossed sceptres and above the shield Napoleon's star.20th of May 1807 King Louis – now called ‘Lodewijk’ - altered these arms, adding a helmet, letting out his brother’s star and replacing the Grand Aigle with his own - Dutch - Order of the Union and the old Dutch devise ‘Eendracht maakt macht’ around the shield. Exemplary for the innovation in Napoleon's heraldry are the two hands coming out of clouds from behind the shield holding swords, designating King Louis as ‘Connétable de France’.


Napoleon felt he did not have enough control over the Netherlands, thus he sent his brother, Louis Napoleon, and made him king. Many citizens were very happy with his arrival, they had feared that the Republic would be incorporated into the French Empire. Louis introduced the Guilder, and had a Penal Law Code compiled, largely modelled on French law. In 1810 Napoleon convinced Louis to abidcate, and annexed it into the French Empire.

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