Nan or NAN may refer to one of the following.






  • King Nan of Zhou (314-256 BC), last ruler of the Chinese Zhou dynasty
  • Nan Geng, posthumous name of a Shang Dynasty King of China

First name

  • Nan Britton (1896-1991), who claimed to have been the mistress of President Warren G. Harding
  • Nan Cross (1928-2007), South African anti-apartheid and anti-conscription activist
  • Nan Wood Honeyman, (1881–1970), first woman elected to the U.S. Congress from Oregon
  • Nan Kempner (1930-2005), New York socialite
  • Nannerl "Nan" O. Keohane (born 1940), American political theorist and former president of Wellesley College and Duke University
  • Nan Martin (1927-2010), American actress
  • Nan Merriman (born 1920), American operatic singer
  • Nan Grogan Orrock, member of the Georgia House of Representatives and State Senator
  • Nan Phelps (1904-1990), American folk artist
  • Nan Rich (born 1942), member of the Florida Senate and former member of the House of Representatives
  • Nan C. Robertson (1926-2009), Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist, author and teacher
  • Luo Nan (born 1986), Chinese swimmer
  • Sima Nan (born 1956), Chinese television pundit and journalist
  • Song Nan (born 1990), Chinese figure skater
  • Wang Nan (table tennis) (born 1978), Chinese table tennis player
  • Yu Nan (born 1978), Chinese actress
  • Zhang Nan (gymnast) (born 1986), Chinese gymnast
  • Zhou Nan (born 1927), Chinese politician and diplomat

Last name


  • Nan, a play by the English poet John Masefield, first produced in 1908, also known as The Tragedy of Nan
  • Nan, a form of the name Anna and Agnes
  • NAN-190, a drug and research chemical widely used in scientific studies
  • Nan, English-slang for grandmother, opposite of Pap(grandfather)

See also

  • Naan, a type of leavened bread
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  • Nan Shan (disambiguation)

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