Fascist architecture

Fascist architecture

Rationalist-Fascist architecture was an Italian architectural style of the late 1920's promoted and practiced initially by the Gruppo 7 group, whose architects included Luigi Figini, Guido Frette, Sebastiano Larco, Gino Pollini, Carlo Enrico Rava, Giuseppe Terragni, Ubaldo Castagnola and Adalberto Libera. Two branches have been identified, a modernist branch with Giuseppe Terragni being the most prominent exponent, and a conservative branch of which Marcello Piacentini and the La Burbera group were most influential.


*Marcello Piacentini
*Giuseppe Terragni
*Luigi Moretti
*Angiolo Mazzoni
*Duilio Cambellotti
*Giuseppe Pagano
*Adalberto Libera


*Sabaudia, Italy
*Latina, Italy
*Carbonia, Italy
*Asmara, Eritrea
*Rhodes, Greece
*Lakki, Greece

Modernist branch:
*1928-29 Novocomum, Como, Giuseppe Terragani
*1933-36 Casa del Fascio, Como, Giuseppe Terragani

Conservative branch:
*1925-28 Monument to Victory, Bolzano, Marcello Piacentini
*Monumental Centre" for Rome, La Burbera Group
*Esposizione Universale Roma, Rome, Marcello Piacentini

See also

*Nazi architecture
*Soft Portuguese style


* [http://www.flickr.com/groups/rationalism/ Architecture - Rationalism]
* [http://www.tau.ac.il/arts/arthis/public_html/ARCH/8-DICTATOR.htm Architecture of dictatorships]

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