Ethnic Mongols in China

Ethnic Mongols in China

Ethnic group
group=Ethnic Mongols in China (蒙古族)

poptime= 5.8 million
popplace= Inner Mongolia, Northeastern China, Xinjiang
langs= Mongolian
rels= Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism
related=Buryats, Kalmyks

Ethnic Mongols in China (Chinese: 蒙古族 "Ménggǔzú") are citizens of the People's Republic of China who are ethnic Mongols. They form one of the 55 ethnic minorities officially recognized by the People's Republic of China. There are approximately 5.8 million ethnic Mongols living in China. Most of them live in Inner Mongolia, Northeast China, Xinjiang, etc. The Mongol population in China is over twice that of the independent nation of Mongolia.

Regional distribution

The Mongols in China are divided between autonomous regions and provinces as follows:
* 68.72%: Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
* 11.52%: Liaoning Province
* 2.96%: Jilin Province
* 2.92%: Hebei Province
* 2.58%: Xinjiang Autonomous Region
* 2.43%: Heilongjiang Province
* 1.48%: Qinghai Province
* 1.41%: Henan Province
* 5.98%: Rest of China

Besides the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, there are other Mongol autonomous administrative subdivisions in China.

On prefecture level:
* Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture
* Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture
* Börtala Mongol Autonomous Prefecture

On county level:
* Weichang Manchu and Mongol Autonomous County (Hebei)
* Harqin Left Mongol Autonomous County (Liaoning)
* Fuxin Mongol Autonomous County (Liaoning)
* Qian Gorlos Mongol Autonomous County (Jilin)
* Dorbod Autonomous County (Heilongjiang)
* Subei Mongol Autonomous County (Gansu)
* Henan Mongol Autonomous County (Qinghai)
* Hoboksar Mongol Autonomous County (Xinjiang)

Famous ethnic Mongols in China

* Ulanhu (乌兰夫), politician
* Li Siguang (李四光), founder of China's geomechanics
* Siqin Gaowa (斯琴高娃), a famous actress of China
* Mengke Bateer (巴特尔), basketball player
* Bao Xishun (鲍喜顺), one of the tallest men alive
* Tengger, a pop/rock musician
* Sengge Rinchen (僧格林沁), Qing dynasty nobleman and general
* Buren Bayaer (布仁巴雅尔), singer, composer and a disc jockey
* Uyunqimg (乌云其木格), Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress
* Fu Ying (傅瑩), Chinese ambassador to the United Kingdom
* Zhang Xiaoping, boxer

ee also

*Mongolians in Taiwan

Further reading

*Human Rights in China: "China, Minority Exclusion, Marginalization and Rising Tensions", London, Minority Rights Group International, 2007

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* [ The Mongolian ethnic minority] Chinese government information.

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