Fitch may refer to:

Family name

* Fitch (surname), a family name of Anglo-Norman origin


* Alan Fitch (1915 - 1985), British Labour Party politician
* Albert Fitch Bellows (1829 - 1883), American landscape painter
* Alfred Fitch, American Olympian
* Alison Fitch, New Zealand Olympian
* Alva Revista Fitch, U.S. Army Lieutenant General
* Anne Fitch, illustrator of New Belgium Brewery's beer labels
* Ashbel P. Fitch (1848 - 1904), New York politician
* Aubrey Fitch, U.S. Naval Admiral
* Asa Fitch, American entomologist
* Asa Fitch (Representative) (1765 – 1843), U.S. congress representative
* Brian T. Fitch, French-Canadian nonfiction author
* Charles Fitch, American preacher
* Chauncey Fitch Cleveland (1799 - 1887), US politician
* Clyde Fitch, American playwright
* Dennis E. Fitch, NASA safety consultant
* Ed Fitch (born 1937), occult author and Wiccan High Priest
* Ezra Fitch, New York lawyer and cofounder of Abercrombie & Fitch, a clothing company
* Frederic Brenton Fitch, American logician and inventor of Fitch-style calculus
* Frederick W. Fitch, American barber and creator of Fitch's Dandruff Remover Shampoo
* George Fitch, American author
* George Ashmore Fitch, YMCA Administrative Director
* George B. Fitch, American businessman, politician, and Olympic organizer
* George Helgesen Fitch (1877 - 1915), American author, humorist, and journalist
* Gerald Fitch, U.S. basketball player
* Graham Fitch, Pianist
* Graham N. Fitch, United States Representative and Senator
* Hannah Fitch (Shaw), cofounder, Kappa Alpha Theta
* Henry D. Fitch (1767 – 1849), early settler of San Diego, California
* Henry Sheldon Fitch, American herpetologist
* Horatio Fitch, American olympian
* Jabez W. Fitch, Democratic lieutenant-governor of Ohio from 1878 to 1880
* James Marston Fitch, historic preservationist
* James P. Fitch, notable in the early history of the Boy Scouts of America
* Janet Fitch, American author
* John Fitch (computer scientist), computer scientist, mathematician and composer
* John Fitch (inventor), early American inventor, built the first steamboat in the United States in 1786
* John Fitch (settler), Massachusetts settler for whom Fitchburg, Massachusetts is named
* John Fitch, historical gang member of New York City during a period from 1825 to 1920, a subject of Herbert Asbury's "The Gangs of New York"
* John Fitch (driver), racetrack driver and inventor of innovative safety devices
* John A. Fitch, writer and professor of labor relations
* John Knowles Fitch, founder of Fitch Ratings, Ltd.
* John Nugent Fitch (1840–1927), botanical illustrator and lithographer
* Jon Fitch, American mixed martial arts fighter
* Joshua Girling Fitch (1824-1903), English educationalist
* Joyce Fitch, Australian tennis player
* LeRoy Fitch, officer during the American Civil War
* Lucy Fitch Perkins, (1865 - 1937), US children's author
* Nancy Fitch, Professor of History, Cal State/Fullerton
* Nathaniel Fitch (born 1958), former heavyweight boxer
* Noël Riley Fitch, author
* Pierre Fitch, Canadian gay pornographic actor
* Ralph Fitch, British merchant-explorer of India and Burma
* R. Bruce Fitch, Progressive Conservative New Brunswick Cabinet Minister
* Sheree Fitch, Canadian children's author
* Thomas Fitch (governor), Governor of the Connecticut Colony 1754–1766
* Thomas Fitch (politician), Nevada politician
* Val Logsdon Fitch, Nobel Prize-winning nuclear physicist
* W. Tecumseh Fitch, evolutionary psychologist
* Walter M. Fitch (b. 1929), American evolutionary biologist
* Walter Hood Fitch (1817-1892), Scottish botanical artist
* William Fitch Allen, Judge of the New York Court of Appeals
* Zarnell Fitch (born 1983), American footballer
* Fitch family, founders of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad


* Fitch, North Carolina
* Fitch's Covered Bridge, Delhi, New York
* Fitch H. Beach Airport, an airport at Charlotte, Michigan, USA
* Fitch Township, Ohio
* Mount Fitch, in Massachusetts, on the Appalachian Trail
* Fitchburg, Massachusetts
* Fitchburg, Michigan
* Fitchburg, Kentucky
* Fitchburg, Wisconsin
* Fitchville, Connecticut
* Fitch Senior High School, Groton, Connecticut
* YMCA Camp Fitch, Lake Erie, Ohio, a YMCA camp named after George Ashmore Fitch
* YMCA Camp Fitch, Springfield, Pennsylvania a YMCA camp named after John H. Fitch
* Fitche Square, former name for Mahabandoola Park in Rangoon
*Mount Fitch, Northern Territory, a former uranium mining site in Australia


* Abercrombie & Fitch, clothiers
* Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery, Chicago's oldest law firm
* Fitch Ratings Ltd., an international credit rating agency
* Fitchburg Railroad, named for the Massachusetts town
* Fitch, a branding and design agency; a member of the WPP Group of companies


* USS "Fitch" (DD-462), a US Navy destroyer
* USS "Aubrey Fitch" (FFG-34), a U.S. Naval ship


* Fitch (or cross fitchy), a cross in heraldry where the lower part is shaped like a sword blade

Mathematics, logic and technology

* Fitch-style calculus, a method for constructing formal mathematical proofs
* Fitch's paradox of knowability, a logical paradox which asserts that the existence of an unknown truth is unknowable
* Fitch Barrier, a sand-filled plastic barrier used to cushion impacts on highways

Animals and plants

* Fitch, the European polecat ("Mustela putorius"), a ferret-like predatory mammal
* Fitch, a name for the spice kalonji, the seed of "Nigella sativa" (used in the King James's Version of the Bible)

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