Russians in China

Russians in China

Ethnic group
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Russians in China (zh-sp|s=俄罗斯族|p=Éluósī-zú) form one of the 56 ethnic groups officially recognized by the People's Republic of China. They are the descendants of Russians who settled in China, and hold Chinese rather than Russian citizenship.


The first Russians recorded to have settled in China were the Albazin Cossacks who joined the Manchu imperial guard in 1685. Significant immigration began in 1897 with the construction of the China Far East Railway and increased after Russia's October Revolution. In the years after the establishment of the People's Republic of China, many Russians either emigrated to Australia, Southeast Asia, or were repatriated to the Soviet Union; only a minority remained behind in China.

There is a district of Beijing known as Russiatown. It is settled primarily by Russian tradesmen from Siberia. The focal point of the district is a large market. Business signs are mostly in Russian and written in the Cyrillic alphabet, a surprise to many tourists.

Prominent Russians in China

* Chiang Fang-liang, the First Lady of the Republic of China in 1978-88
* Nikolai Lunev (卢尼奥夫·尼古拉·伊万诺维奇), deputy to the tenth Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

ee also

* Harbin Russians
* Shanghai Russians
* China Far East Railway
* Chinese Eastern Railway Zone

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* [ Zdravstvuyte, China]
* [ Security service investigation followed Orthodox priest's deportation]

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