List of Christian missionaries

List of Christian missionaries

The following are notable Christian missionaries:

Early Christian missionaries

These are missionaries that predate the Second Council of Nicaea so it may be claimed by both Catholic and Orthodoxy or belonging to an early Christian groups.

*Alopen – First missionary to China (Nestorian)
*Augustine of Canterbury – Missionary to England.
*Saint Barnabas
*Saint Boniface – Influential in the conversion of German peoples.
*Columba – Early missionary to Scotland.
*Denis – Early missionary to France.
*Frumentius – Early missionary to Ethiopia.
*Saint Kilian – Irish missionary killed in Franconia.
*Mark the Evangelist
*Saint Patrick – Early missionary to Ireland.
*Paul of Tarsus
*Pantaenus – Early missionary to India.
*Twelve Apostles – All of the twelve are considered missionaries at some level.
*Ulfilas – Missionary to the Goths.

Medieval to modern missionaries


*Geoffrey Bingham – Mission in Pakistan.
*James Blair (clergyman)
*William Duncan (missionary) – Worked with the Tsimshians.
*James Hannington – Saint in Anglicanism who was killed in Uganda.
*Samuel Marsden – Missionary to Australia.
*Henry Martyn – Missionary to India.
*William Mitchell (Reverend) – Missionary to India.
*Charles William Pearson – Pioneer of the Church of Uganda.
*Henry Townsend (missionary) – Missionary in West Africa.
*Cecil Tyndale-Biscoe – He worked in Kashmir.
*Walter Weston – Missionary to Japan, popularized the term Japanese Alps.
*John Burdett Wittenoom – Missionary to Australia.


*John Birch (missionary) – Baptist missionary killed in China.
*Joseph Booth – Missionary to what is now Malawi.
*William Carey – Linked to India and a founder of the Baptist Missionary Society
*Issachar Jacox Roberts – Baptist missionary who, at first unintentionally, inspired Hong Xiuquan.
*Adoniram Judson – American missionary to Burma whose conversion to Baptist beliefs en route to the mission field led to the founding of the first Baptist association in the U.S.
*Ann Hasseltine Judson – wife of Adoniram whose writings home made the couple celebrities
*Lottie Moon – famous Southern Baptist missionary to China. The Lottie Moon Christmas offering is still an important event in the Southern Baptist calendar.
*Anna Seward Pruitt – part of the "missionary generation" in America, Southern Baptist missionary who worked with Lottie Moon in North China.
*C.W. Pruitt – husband and fellow Southern Baptist missionary to North China.

Plymouth Brethren

*Anthony Norris Groves
*George Müller – preached in various countries.


*David Bogue – Missionary to India, convert from Church of Scotland.
*Hedley Bunton – Twentieth century missionary in China who lived under Japanese occupation for a time.
*Samuel Dyer – In 19th c. China.
*William Ellis (author) – Missionary to the South Pacific and an author.
*Cyrus Hamlin – American missionary in Turkey.
*David Livingstone – Missionary and explorer in Africa.
*Walter Henry Medhurst – Revised versions of the Bible for his mission in China.
*Robert Moffat – Scottish missionary to Africa.
*Peter Parker (physician) – Missionary and doctor in nineteenth c. China.
*Betsey Stockton - Missionary to Hawaii; a freed slave that was the first American single woman to go on a foreign mission
*L. E. Threlkeld – Linguist and missionary linked to the Lake Macquarie mission.
*John Williams (missionary) – Congregationalist in the South Pacific.


*Young John Allen – Missionary in Qing China.
*Francis Burns – Missionary to Liberia.
*Thomas Coke (Methodist)
*George Richmond Grose – Missionary to China.
*Joseph Crane Hartzell – Missionary work in Africa.
*E. Stanley Jones – Missionary to India.
*Walter Russell Lambuth – Established missionary schools and hospitals in East Asia.
*J. P. Martin – Children's book writer.
*Dorothy Ripley – Missionary to the US.
*Isaiah Benjamin Scott – African-American missionary to Liberia.
*George Whitefield – Missionary/evangelist to colonial US.
*John Wesley– Missionary/evangelist in Europe and America.


*Anna Nitschmann – Moravian missionary.
*David Nitschmann der Bischof – Moravian bishop and missionary in Pennsylvania.
*David Zeisberger – Moravian missionary known for his role in the history of the Christian Munsee.


*William Chalmers Burns – Missionary to China.
*Alexander Duff – Missionary in India.
*Samuel Kirkland – American Revolution figure who did missionary work among the Tuscarora.
*Eric Liddell – Olympic athlete who became a Scottish missionary in China.
*Alexander Murdoch Mackay – Presbyterian missionary to Uganda.
*George Leslie Mackay – Among the first modern missionaries to Taiwan.
*James Laidlaw Maxwell – Also among the first modern missionaries to Taiwan.
*Robert Morrison – The first Protestant missionary in China.
*John Gibson Paton – Scottish missionary to "the New Hebrides." (now part of Vanuatu)
*Mary Slessor – Scottish Presbyterian missionary in Nigeria.
*Bill Majors – American missionary in Korea.

Other Protestant

*Paul Wilson Brand – Missionary surgeon in India.
*Jonathan Edwards
*Hans Egede – Norwegian Lutheran missionary called "The Apostle of Greenland."
*John Eliot (missionary) – Puritan missionary to the American Indians.
*Leung Faat – Chinese convert who did missionary work in Southeast Asia and his homeland.
*James Legge – Sinologist and missionary to China.
*Ludwig Ingwer Nommensen – Lutheran missionary to Sumatra.
*Helen Roseveare – Missionary physician in the Congo.
*John Smith (missionary) – West Indies.
*Hudson Taylor – Missionary in China.

Other Christian

*Johnny Appleseed – Missionary for The New Church.
*Stephen Grellet – Quaker missionary.
*Thomas R. Kelly – Quaker.

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