Cerebral aqueduct

Cerebral aqueduct
Brain: Cerebral aqueduct
Section through superior colliculus showing path of oculomotor nerve.
Drawing of a cast of the ventricular cavities, viewed from the side.
Latin aqueductus mesencephali (cerebri)
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The mesencephalic duct, also known as the aqueductus mesencephali, aqueduct of Sylvius or the cerebral aqueduct, contains cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), is within the mesencephalon (or midbrain) and connects the third ventricle in the diencephalon to the fourth ventricle in the mesencephalon, which is between the pons and cerebellum.



The cerebral aqueduct, similarly to other parts of the ventricular system of the brain, develops from the central canal of the neural tube. Specifically, the duct originates from the portion of the neural tube that is present in the developing mesencephalon, hence the name "mesencephalic duct." [1]


A blockage in this duct is a cause of hydrocephalus.

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