List of county routes in Rockland County, New York

List of county routes in Rockland County, New York

The following is a list of county routes in Rockland County, New York. Most of the routes act as primary roads in the less developed areas and also serve to interconnect the various villages and hamlets of the county. All routes are maintained by the Rockland County highway department. Across the county, routes are numbered such that odd-numbered routes are north-south and increase in number from east to west, while even-numbered routes are east-west and increase from south to north.

There are 63 current routes and 7 routes no longer maintained by the county, making for a total of 70 routes. The longest routes are CR 33, CR 23, and CR 80, all at over ten miles. The shortest route is CR 118A in Tomkins Cove at .09 of a mile. There are also two routes the cross into Orange County and keep the same number from Rockland. They are CR 106 in Tuxedo and CR 72 in Sloatsburg. Also, several routes enter from New Jersey, two of these include CR 41 in Chestnut Ridge and CR 89 in Airmont. The farthest route to the north is CR 118 in Stony Point and the farthest to the south is CR 4 in Palisades.cite map|publisher=NYSDOT|url=|title=Rockland County Routes As of 2001|accessdate=2008-02-15]

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Longest routes

These are the 10 longest routes in Rockland County.

Shortest routes

These are the 10 shortest routes in Rockland County.

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