Trusted operating system

Trusted operating system

Trusted Operating System (TOS) generally refers to an operating system that provides sufficient support for multilevel security and evidence of correctness to meet a particular set of government requirements.

The most common set of criteria for trusted operating system design is the Common Criteria. The Common Criteria is the result of a multi-year effort by the governments of the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the Netherlands to develop a harmonized security criteria for IT products.

Examples of certified trusted operating systems are:
* HP-UX 10.26
* Microsoft Windows [ [ Microsoft Windows Platform Products Awarded Common Criteria EAL 4 Certification: Certification builds on Security Development Lifecycle advances to deliver unprecedented level... ] ]
* PitBull for AIX 5L
* Trusted Solaris
* Trusted UNICOS 8.0 (Rated B1)
* XTS-400

Examples of operating systems that might be certifiable are:
* FreeBSD
* SELinux (see [ FAQ] )
* Linux

Companies that have created trusted operating systems include:
* Addamax (BSD, SVR3, SVR4, HP/UX)
* Argus Systems Group (Solaris, AIX)
* AT&T (System V)
* Bull (AIX)
* Data General (DG/UX)
* Digital Equipment Corporation (Ultrix)
* Gemini Computers (GEMSOS)
* Harris Corporation (SVR3, SVR4)
* Hewlett-Packard (HP/UX)
* Honeywell (Multics)
* IBM (OS/390, AIX)
* Microsoft (Microsoft Windows)
* SCO (SCO Unix)
* Secure Computing Corporation (LOCK, Mach, BSD)
* SecureWare (Apple A/UX, HP/UX, SCO)
* Sequent (Dynix/ptx)
* Silicon Graphics (IRIX)
* Sun Microsystems (SunOS, Solaris)
* Trusted Information Systems (Xenix, Mach)
* BAE Systems (XTS Unix)

See also

* Comparison of operating systems
* Security-evaluated operating system
* Security focused operating system


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* [ Carnegie Mellon SEI] (description/definition of trusted operating systems)
* [ NSA FAQ on SELinux]
* [ Argus Systems]
* [ EnGarde Secure Linux]

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