Zhou Botong

Zhou Botong

Zhou Botong (周伯通) is one of the most humorous characters in Legend of the Condor Hero and Return of the Condor Heroes. Although quite old, he remained very active and constantly sought fun and entertainment. He had no students from the Quanzhen Sect, preferring carefree wandering to studied contemplation. He had the utmost respect for his elder martial brother Wang Chongyang, and abided by most of the rules he laid down. He became the sworn brother of Guo Jing, teaching him his invented techniques of Vacant Fist (七十二路空明拳) and Technique of Ambidexterity (雙手互搏). Later Zhou Botong secretly accepted Yelu Qi as a student. Near the end of Return of the Condor Heroes, his favorite game was taking care of bees, a skill he learned from Xiaolongnu. He lived in secluded harmony with Yideng and Yinggu.


* Family name: Zhou(周)
* Given name: Botong (伯通)
* Gender: Male
* Love interest: Ying Gu
* Disciple: Yelu Qi
* Obession: Fun
* Fears: Snakes His personality is also different from other wuxia masters. He lives to play, he plays to live, everything in his eyes is a game, and like food to Hong QiGong, fun is to Zhou BoTong.

Zhou Botong's Martial Arts

Quanzhen Pai Wu Gong (Quanzhen Sect Martial Arts) (全真派武功)

A disciple of the Quanzhen Sect and hence master the martial arts of Quanzhen Sect.

Kongming Quan (Vacant Fist) (七十二路空明拳)

Zhou Botong invented the skills of "Kongming Quan" while trapped in the caverns of Peach Blossom Island after being trapped there by Huang Yaoshi (黃藥師). The novel also describes this attack as the polar opposite of "Xianglong Shi Ba Zhang", being the epitome of the neijia martial arts, unmatched in subtlety and yet equal to the "Xianglong Shi Ba Zhang" in power and ingenuity of style.

Shuang Shou Hu Bo (Technique of Ambidexterity)(雙手互搏)

Zhou Botong also invented the skills of "Shuang Shou Hu Bo" while trapped in the caverns of Peach Blossom Island. The Technique was created, due to boredom living in the caverns, to let him fight with himself using both arms, each arm using a different martial art.

Jiu Yin Zhen Jing (True Manual Of Nine Yin)(九陰真經)

The most coveted martial art of its era, which included incredible qigong cultivation techniques and extraordinary martial art skills.

Jade Bees

The "Jade Bees" are taught by Xiaolongnu after he pestered her to teach him how to control the bees

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