name = Sepiolidae

image_caption = "Austrorossia mastigophora"
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Mollusca
classis = Cephalopoda
ordo = Sepiolida
familia = Sepiolidae
familia_authority = Leach, 1817
subdivision_ranks = Subfamilies and Genera
subdivision =
*"incertae sedis"

Sepiolidae is a family of bobtail squid encompassing 15 genera in three or four subfamilies.


*Order Sepiolida: bobtail squid
**Family Idiosepiidae
**Family Sepiolidae
***Subfamily Heteroteuthinae
****Genus "Amphorateuthis"
*****"Amphorateuthis alveatus"
****Genus "Heteroteuthis"
*****Subgenus "Heteroteuthis"
******Odd Bobtail, "Heteroteuthis dispar"
******"Heteroteuthis weberi"
*****Subgenus "Stephanoteuthis"
******"Heteroteuthis dagamensis"
******"Heteroteuthis hawaiiensis"
******"Heteroteuthis serventyi"
****Genus "Iridoteuthis"
*****"Iridoteuthis iris"
*****"Iridoteuthis maoria"
****Genus "Nectoteuthis"
*****"Nectoteuthis pourtalesi"
****Genus "Sepiolina"
*****Japanese Bobtail Squid, "Sepiolina nipponensis"
****Genus "Stoloteuthis"
*****Butterfly Bobtail Squid, "Stoloteuthis leucoptera"
***Subfamily Rossiinae
****Genus "Austrorossia"
*****Antilles Bobtail Squid, "Austrorossia antillensis"
*****"Austrorossia australis"
*****"Austrorossia bipapillata"
*****"Austrorossia enigmatica" *
*****"Austrorossia mastigophora"
****Genus "Neorossia"
*****Carol Bobtail, "Neorossia caroli"
*****"Neorossia leptodons"
****Genus "Rossia"
*****"Rossia brachyura"
*****Gulf Bobtail Squid, "Rossia bullisi"
*****"Rossia glaucopis"
*****Stout Bobtail, "Rossia macrosoma"
*****Big-fin Bobtail Squid, "Rossia megaptera"
*****"Rossia moelleri"
*****"Rossia mollicella"
*****"Rossia pacifica"
******"Rossia pacifica diegensis" *
******North Pacific Bobtail Squid, "Rossia pacifica pacifica"
*****Warty Bobtail Squid, "Rossia palpebrosa"
*****Tortugas Bobtail Squid, "Rossia tortugaensis"
****Genus "Semirossia"
*****Greater Bobtail Squid, "Semirossia equalis"
*****"Semirossia patagonica"
*****Lesser Bobtail Squid, "Semirossia tenera"
***Subfamily Sepiolinae
****Genus "Euprymna"
*****"Euprymna albatrossae"
*****Double-ear Bobtail, "Euprymna berryi"
*****"Euprymna hoylei"
*****"Euprymna hyllebergi"
*****Mimika Bobtail, "Euprymna morsei"
*****"Euprymna penares" *
*****"Euprymna phenax"
*****Hawaiian Bobtail Squid, "Euprymna scolopes"
*****"Euprymna stenodactyla"
*****Southern Dumpling Squid, "Euprymna tasmanica"
****Genus "Inioteuthis"
*****"Inioteuthis capensis"
*****"Inioteuthis japonica"
*****"Inioteuthis maculosa"
****Genus "Rondeletiola"
*****Lentil Bobtail, "Rondeletiola minor"
****Genus "Sepietta"
*****Elegant Bobtail, "Sepietta neglecta"
*****"Sepietta obscura"
*****Common Bobtail, "Sepietta oweniana"
*****Mysterious Bobtail, "Sepietta petersi"
****Genus "Sepiola"
*****Anagolous Bobtail, "Sepiola affinis"
*****Atlantic Bobtail, "Sepiola atlantica"
*****Golden Bobtail, "Sepiola aurantiaca"
*****Butterfly Bobtail, "Sepiola birostrata"
*****Intermediate Bobtail, "Sepiola intermedia"
*****"Sepiola knudseni"
*****Tongue Bobtail, "Sepiola ligulata"
*****"Sepiola parva"
*****"Sepiola pfefferi" *
*****Robust Bobtail, "Sepiola robusta"
*****Dwarf Bobtail, "Sepiola rondeleti"
*****"Sepiola rossiaeformis" *
*****Steenstrup's Bobtail, "Sepiola steenstrupiana"
*****"Sepiola trirostrata"
*****Southern Bobtail Squid, "Sepiola" sp.
***Subfamily "incertae sedis"
****Genus "Choneteuthis"
*****"Choneteuthis tongaensis"

The species listed above with an asterisk (*) are questionable and need further study to determine if they are a valid species or a synonym.

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