Topic outline of epistemology

Topic outline of epistemology

:"For a more comprehensive list, see the List of epistemology topics."

Epistemology or theory of knowledge is a branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and scope of knowledge. [Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Volume 3, 1967, Macmillan, Inc.] The term was introduced into English by the Scottish philosopher James Frederick Ferrier (1808-1864). [Encyclopaedia Britannica Online, 2007] Epistemology the questions: "What is knowledge?", "How is knowledge acquired?", and "What do people know?"

The following outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to epistemology:

Essence of epistemology

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* Descriptive knowledge ("knowledge that")
* Scientific method
* Truth


* Theories of justification
** Foundationalism - Self-evident basic beliefs justify other non-basic beliefs.
** Coherentism - Beliefs are justified if they cohere with other beliefs a person holds, each belief is justified if it coheres with the overall system of beliefs.
** Internalism - The believer must be able to justify a belief through internal knowledge.
** Externalism - Outside sources of knowledge can be used to justify a belief.
** Skepticism - A variety of viewpoints questioning the possibility of knowledge.
** Minority viewpoints include:
*** Foundherentism - A combination of foundationalism and coherentism proposed by Susan Haack.
*** Infinitism - Beliefs are justified by infinite chains of reasons, as proposed by Peter D. Klein.
* Common justifiers
** Scientific method
** Occam's Razor
** Empiricism
** Induction
** Pragmatism
** Probability theory
** Abductive Reasoning or Inference to the Best Explanation

History of epistemology

: "Main article: History of epistemology"

* History of scientific method
* Timeline of the history of scientific method

Basic epistemology concepts

* Belief
* Criteria of truth

Epistemology scholars

Leaders in epistemology

Epistemology lists

: "Main article: List of epistemology topics"


See also

External links

* [ What Is Epistemology?] — a brief introduction to the topic by Keith DeRose.
* [ Certain Doubts] — a group blog run by Jonathan Kvanvig, with many leading epistemologists as contributors.
* [ The Epistemological Lifeboat] by Birger Hjørland & Jeppe Nicolaisen (eds.)
* [ The Epistemology Page] by Keith DeRose.
* [ Justified True Belief and Critical Rationalism] by Mathew Toll
* [ Epistemology Papers] a collection of Michael Huemer's.
* [ Epistemology Introduction, Part 1] and [ Part 2] by Paul Newall at the Galilean Library.
* [ "Teaching Theory of Knowledge" (1986)] — Marjorie Clay (ed.), an electronic publication from The Council for Philosophical Studies.
* [ Epistemology: The Philosophy of Knowledge] — an introduction at Groovyweb.
* [ Introduction to Theory of Knowledge] — from PhilosophyOnline.
* [ The Peripatetic] A practical introduction to the theory of knowledge
* [ Theory of Knowledge] — an introduction to epistemology, exploring the various theories of knowledge, justification, and belief.
* [ A Theory of Knowledge] by Clóvis Juarez Kemmerich, on the Social Science Research Network, 2006.
* [ An Introduction to Epistemology] by Paul Newall, aimed at beginners.
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* [ Knowledge is the eye of all - Knowledge in the Upanishads]
* [ On a Critical Epistemology]
* [ Language Perception and Action: Philosophical Issues]

; Justification
* [ Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Foundationalist Theories of Epistemic Justification]
* [ Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Epistemology, 2. What is Justification?]
* [ Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Public Justification]
* [ Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Internalist vs. Externalist Conceptions of Epistemic Justification]
* [ Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Coherentist Theories of Epistemic Justification]

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