G1, G.I or G-1 can be:


* G1 for Group 1, Grade 1, also GI, in Horse Racing, younger horses generally represented by the lower number. Listings 1-3 usually Roman numerals. Listings 1-3 usually Roman numerals
** G1 Climax, an annual professional wrestling singles tournament held by New Japan Pro Wrestling


* G1 phase in the cellular cycle
* G1 regulatory sequence for the insulin gene
* ATC code G01, a section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System
* Group 1 of the periodic table
* The globular cluster Mayall II
* The giant elliptical galaxy YGKOW G1 that lenses the Twin Quasar
* G1 star, a subclass of G-class stars


* Alfa Romeo G1, a 1921 Italian car
* Contax G1, a Rangefinder camera made by Contax Inc.
* DSC-G1, a 2007 Sony Cyber-shot G series camera model
* DSER Class G1, a Dublin and South Eastern Railway
* PowerPC G1, a.k.a. PowerPC 601
* PowerShot G1, a Canon camera
* PRR G1, an American
* RealPlayer G1 a.k.a. RealPlayer 7 - (RealPlayer)
* T-Mobile G1, a.k.a. HTC Dream, a smartphone that runs Google's Android software platform
* , referring to the first Transformers incarnation


* A nickname for ScrewAttack members
* "Good One", Internet Slang shorthand
* Gorkha Airlines IATA airline designator
* A common slot on vending machines
* The NATO code for the Assistant Chief-of-Staff, Army Personnel and Administration
* The designation for the US Army Staff function that is responsible for personnel matters including manning, discipline and personnel services at the Division level and above.


* G1 UK, a Glasgow based Charity
* An advertising agency that is a joint venture between TBWA and Hakuhodo, set up largely to cater to the Nissan business.


* G-1 (submarine), a class of Victorian-era submarines constructed by the Lake Torpedo Boat Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut and purchased by the United States Navy
* Char G1, a French tank
* The designation used by the West German Army for the FN-FAL rifle
* G.I, a German designation for several World War I heavy bombers:
** AEG G.I
** Albatros G.I, a German aircraft whose development was the Albatros G.II 1916 aircraft
** Friedrichshafen G.I
** Gotha G.I
** Hansa-Brandenburg G.I, a 1916 bomber aircraft
* Fokker G.I, a 1937 Dutch heavy twin-engined fighter plane
* The license-made FN FAL made in former West Germany supposedly for the West German military
* A British-manufactured howitzer


* G1 (website), a Brazilian news portal
* The first tier in the graduated licensing programme for Ontario's new drivers

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