Aimag ( _mn. Аймаг) is a Mongolian and Turkic word for a tribe. It is also used as a term for country subdivisions in Mongolia and China. The name of the Aimak peoples in central Afghanistan derives from the same root.


In Mongolia, Aimags are the first level administrative subdivision (Provinces). Each aimag is again subdivided into Sums. The capital Ulan Bator is administrated as an independent municipality.


In the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia in China, the traditional subdivision into aimags (leagues) had been preserved at first. The aimags represent the subdivision directly below the province level. Eventually most of the aimags were converted into prefecture level cities. As of 2004, the three aimags left are Xilin Gol, Hinggan, and Alxa.

Wikimedia Foundation. 2010.

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