Austin (disambiguation)

Austin (disambiguation)

Austin may refer to:


:"See Austin (name)"

Geographical locations

In the United States:

*Austin, Texas, the state capital of Texas
*Austin, Arkansas
*Austin, Colorado
*Austin, Chicago, in Illinois
*Austin, Indiana
*Austin, Minnesota
*Austin, Nevada
*Austin, Oregon
*Austin County, Texas, a county in Texas

In Canada:
*Austin, Manitoba
*Austin, Ontario
*Austin, Quebec


*Austin College, a college in Sherman, Texas
*University of Texas at Austin, the primary University of Texas campus


*Austin Automobile Company, a short-lived American automobile company (not related to the Austin Motor Company or American Austin)
*Austin Motor Company, a British car manufacturer
*American Austin Car Company, a short lived United States make of automobile
*Austin (brand), a brand owned by the Kellogg Company


*USS Austin (1839), a sloop-of-war (originally in the Texas Navy)
*USS Austin (DE-15), a destroyer escort
*USS Austin (LPD-4), an amphibious transport dock

Pop culture

*Austin (song), a single by Blake Shelton
*Austin TV, a Mexican post-rock band
*Austin, a kangaroo Beanie Baby produced by Ty, Inc.
*Austin Powers, a comedy character created and portrayed by Mike Myers
*Austin the kangaroo from The Backyardigans

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