A Force of One

A Force of One

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name = A Force of One

image_size =
caption = DVD cover
director = Paul Aaron
producer = Alan Belkin
writer = Pat E. Johnson
Ernest Tidyman
narrator =
starring = Jennifer O'Neill
Chuck Norris
Clu Gulager
Ron O'Neal
Bill Wallace
music = Dick Halligan
cinematography = Roger Shearman
editing = Bert Lovitt
distributor =
released = June, 1979
runtime = 90 min
country = USA
language = English
budget =
gross =
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imdb_id = 0079168

"A Force of One" is a 1979 action/martial arts film starring Chuck Norris, Ron O'Neal, Clu Gulager, and Bill Wallace. The film was directed by Paul Aaron and written by Pat E. Johnson and Ernest Tidyman.

Plot summary

When a team of undercover narcotics officers is targeted by a serial killer, the police recruit karate champion Matt Logan (Chuck Norris) to bring the murders to an end. Logan soon discovers that a traitor within the police ranks is behind the killings.


*Chuck Norris....Matt Logan
*Jennifer O'Neill....Mandy Rust
*Clu Gulager....Dunne
*Ron O'Neal....Rollins
*Bill Wallace....Sparks
*Eric Laneuville....Charlie Logan
*James Whitmore Jr....Moskowitz
*Clint Ritchie....Melrose
*Pepe Serna....Orlando
*Ray Vitte....Newton
*Taylor Lacher....Bishop
*Lisa James....Harriett
*Chu Chu Malave....Rudy
*Kevin Geer....Johnson
*Eugene Butler....Murphy

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