iBiquity Digital Corporation is a company formed by the merger of USA Digital Radio and Lucent Digital Radio, with the goal of creating an in-band on-channel (IBOC) digital radio system for the United States and around the world. Based in Columbia, Maryland, with additional offices in Basking Ridge, New Jersey and Pontiac, Michigan, iBiquity is a privately held, intellectual properties company, whose investors include global leaders in the technology, broadcasting, manufacturing, media and financial industries.

IBOC can operate on both AM band and FM band broadcasts either in a digital-only mode, or in a "hybrid" digital+analog mode. Most broadcasters for the foreseeable future will use the hybrid method, reportedly giving AM stations FM quality sound, while allowing FM stations to achieve near-CD-quality audio or carry multiple audio programs. The technology is marketed under the trademark HD Radio. It is the only technology approved by the Federal Communications Commission for digital AM and FM broadcasting in the United States. According to iBiquity Digital, holder of the HD Radio trademark, the "HD" in "HD Radio" does not stand for "High Definition" or "Hybrid Digital". It is simply part of their trademark, and does not have any meaning on its own. [ [http://www.ibiquity.com/about_us/trademarks iBiquity Digital Corporation - Trademarks ] ] The name "HD Radio" and logo were developed by Lexicon Branding. [ [http://www.lexicon-branding.com/technology.html Lexicon Branding Technology Portfolio] Facts|date=February 2008]

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