AWE or Awe may refer to:

* Awe (emotion)

* AWE, the America West Airlines ICAO airline code
* AWE, Atomic Weapons Establishment, which provides and maintains the UK's nuclear deterrent system
* AWE, ASX stock symbol for Australian Worldwide Exploration, a gas and oil company
* AWE, Automobilwerk Eisenach, a German automobile manufacturer

* AWE, Address Windowing Extensions, a Microsoft Windows memory handling mode
* Sound Blaster AWE32 (Advanced Wave Effects), a sound card made by Creative Labs

"'Other uses:
*Francis Awe, Nigerian musician
* Loch Awe, a lake in Argyll and Bute, Scotland
* Shock and awe, a military doctrine also known as rapid dominance
* AWE, Australian White Ensign, the ensign flown by ships of the Royal Australian Navy
* Athenian Wilderness Experience, an outdoor course at The Athenian School in California

Wikimedia Foundation. 2010.


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