Irish place names in other countries

Irish place names in other countries

This is a "partial" or "incomplete" list of places in countries other than Ireland named after places in Ireland.

Massive emigration, often called the Irish diaspora, from Ireland in the 19th and 20th centuries resulted in many towns and regions being named or renamed after places in Ireland.

It might be noted that the following place names sometimes share strong ties with the original place name.

In Scotland (anciently)

The following derive from old poetic names in Scots Gaelic for Ireland.
*Atholl (Athfhotla)
*Banff (Banbha)
*Elgin (Eilg)

Also from Ireland/Éire.
*Auldearn (Allt Éireann)
*Bridge of Earn (Drochaid Éireann)
*Findhorn (Inbhir Éireann)
*Loch Earn
*Strathearn (Srath Éireann)

In England

*Beckery (in Somerset, from "Bec Eriu", Old Irish for "Little Ireland"; the name was likely brought to England by an Irishman recruited by Vikings.)
*Ranelagh in west London, after Ranelagh in Dublin City.
*Goosnargh (in Lancashire), named after an Old Irish personal name.
*Grimsargh, Lancashire
*Culcheth, Cheshire, meaning 'Black Wood'

In Africa

*Killarney, Zimbabwe
*Belfast, South Africa

In Canada

*Ballyhack, Newfoundland and Labrador
*Baltimore, Ontario
*Brandon, Manitoba
*Caledon, Ontario, RM of Peel, Ontario
*Carlow and Mayo Township, Hastings County, Ontario
*Cavan, Ontario
*Dundalk, Ontario, Grey County, Ontario
**Dublin, Nova Scotia
**Dublin, Ontario, Perth County, Ontario
*Enniskillen, Ontario
*Ennismore Township, Ontario
*Galway-Cavendish-Harvey, Ontario Township, near Bancroft, Ontario
**Calabogie, Ontario
*Killaloe, Ontario, Renfrew County (*"also known as Killaloe Station")
*Killarney, Manitoba
*Killarney, Ontario, Sudbury District, Ontario
**Limerick Township, Ontario, near Bancroft, Ontario
**Limerick, Saskatchewan
*Lismore, Nova Scotia
*Listowel, Ontario, Perth County, Ontario
*Londonderry, Nova Scotia
**Lougheed, Vancouver. (Lougheed is an Irish surname from Sligo)
**Lougheed Island, Nunavut.
*Lucan, Ontario, Middlessex County, Ontario
*Lyster, MRC Chaudière-Appalaches, Quebec (*"local variant spelling of" Leinster)
*Maynooth, Ontario, Hastings County, Ontario
**Mayo, MRC Papineau, Quebec
**Mayo, Yukon
**Mullingar, Saskatchewan
*Navan, Ontario, City of Ottawa, Ontario ("part of amalgamated city")
*St. Ambroise-de-Kildare, MRC Lanaudière, Quebec
*Tyrone, Ontario
*New Waterford, Nova Scotia
*Waterford, Ontario, RM of Haldimand and Norfolk, Ontario
*Westmeath, Ontario, Renfrew County, Ontario

In the United States (by Irish provinces or by counties)


*Irish Channel, New Orleans, a neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana, named for the large number of Irish settlers there in the 19th Century


Note Irish places in more than one county have their U.S. namesakes shown by province except Belfast which is listed in Antrim only.


**Boyne Valley Township, Michigan

**Munster Township, Pennsylvania

**Lisburn, Pennsylvania is an unincorporated place in Lower Allen Township, Pennsylvania
**Newry, Maine
**Newry Township, Minnesota
**Newry, Pennsylvania
**Ulster Township, Iowa
**Ulster County, New York
**Ulster Township, Pennsylvania


Note Irish places in more than one county have their U.S. namesakes shown by province except Belfast which is listed in Antrim only.

**Antrim, Louisiana
**Antrim, Michigan
**Antrim, New Hampshire
**Antrim, New York
**Antrim, Ohio
**Antrim, Pennsylvania
**Antrim County, Michigan
**Antrim Township, Michigan
**Antrim Township, Minnesota
**Antrim Township, Pennsylvania
**Belfast, Maine
**Belfast Township, Minnesota
**Belfast, New York
**Belfast, Pennsylvania
**Belfast Township, Pennsylvania
**Armagh, Pennsylvania
**Armagh Township, Pennsylvania
**Lurgan Township, Pennsylvania



**Clare County, Michigan
**Clare, Michigan
**Shannon County, Missouri
**Shannon County, South Dakota

**Corktown is a neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan and was an Irish enclave in the 19th century.

**Donegal, Pennsylvania

*Down (See Antrim for Belfast)
**Bangor is the name of 28 towns around the world, including Bangor, County Down. Some of these, such as Bangor, Maine are named after Bangor in Wales.

**Dublin, California
**Dublin, Georgia
**Dublin, Michigan
**Dublin, New Hampshire
**Dublin, Ohio
**Dublin, Texas
**Dublin, Virginia
**Dublin Township, Pennsylvania

**Fermanagh Township, Pennsylvania

**Galway (town), New York
**Galway (village), New York
**Menlo, Georgia
**Menlo, Iowa
**Menlo, Kansas
**Menlo Park, California
**Menlo Park, New Jersey

**Killarney, Florida

**Kildare Township, Minnesota
**Kildare, Oklahoma
**Kildare, Wisconsin

**Kilkenny, Minnesota
**Kilkenny, New Hampshire



** Limerick, Georgia
** Limerick, Illinois
** Limerick, Mississippi
** Limerick, New York
** Limerick, Ohio
** Limerick, South Carolina
** Limerick Township, Pennsylvania — see also Limerick nuclear power plant
** Limerick, Maine
** New Limerick, Maine

**Coleraine, Minnesota
**Derry, New Hampshire
**Derry, Pennsylvania
**Derry Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
**Derry Township, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania
**Derry Township, Montour County, Pennsylvania
**Derry Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
**Londonderry, New Hampshire
**Londonderry, Vermont
**Londonderry Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania
**Londonderry Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania
**Londonderry Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

**Baltimore County, Maryland, from Baron Baltimore, whose title was derived from a place in Longford called Baltimore
**Baltimore, Maryland
**Baltimore, Vermont

**Dundalk, Maryland

**Mayo, Florida

**Tara Township, Swift County, Minnesota
**Tara Township, Traverse County, Minnesota

**Monaghan Township, Pennsylvania


**Roscommon, Michigan
**Roscommon County, Michigan

**Sligo, Louisiana is an unincorporated place in Bossier Parish, Louisiana
**Sligo, Pennsylvania

**Strabane Township, North Dakota
**North Strabane Township, Pennsylvania
**South Strabane Township, Pennsylvania
**Tyrone, Georgia
**Tyrone, Pennsylvania
**Tyrone Township, Michigan
**Tyrone Township, Pennsylvania

**Cashel Township, Minnesota Note there are other places in Ireland named Cashel see the disambiguation page. The one in Tipperary is the best known.

**Waterford, Michigan
**Waterford, New York
**Waterford, Connecticut



**Wexford County, Michigan
**Wexford Township, Michigan

In Mexico

*Ciudad Obregón "(O'Brian City)" and "O'Brian City Airport", named after Álvaro Obregón, president of Mexico 1920-24.

In Australia

New South Wales

*Ballyroe, New South Wales
*Killarney Heights, New South Wales
*Killarney Vale, New South Wales
*Limerick, New South Wales
*Londonderry, New South Wales
*Louth, New South Wales
*Rathmines, New South Wales


*Killarney, Victoria
*Longford, Victoria
*Maryborough, Victoria
*Portarlington, Victoria


*Derrymore, Queensland
*Mount Enniskillen, Queensland
*Killarney, Queensland
*Maryborough, Queensland (Maryborough being Portlaoise)
*Rathdowney, Queensland
*Waterford, Queensland

Western Australia

*Irishtown, Western Australia
*Leinster, Western Australia
*Munster, Western Australia
*Londonderry, Western Australia
*Waterford, Western Australia

outh Australia

*Armagh, South Australia
*Cavan, South Australia
*Clare, South Australia
*Clare Valley, South Australia
*Dublin, South Australia
*Erindale, South Australia
*Glandore, South Australia
*Kilkenny, South Australia
*Louth Bay, South Australia
*Mayo, an Australian Electoral Division


*Fingal, Tasmania
*Irishtown, Tasmania

Northern Territory

*Cape Londonderry

In Sri Lanka

* Bray
* Lake Castlereagh
* Derry Clare
* Galway
* Killarney
* Shannon
* Vogan

In South America

*Ranelagh, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
* Vallenar, Chile, founded originally as "San Ambrosio de Ballenary", after Ballenary in Co. Sligo.

Elsewhere in the Universe

**Wicklow crater, Mars

**Conamara Chaos Zone, Europa ("Conamara" is the Irish language spelling)

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