Single by Electronic
B-side "Idiot Country Two"
Released June 22, 1992 (1992-06-22)
Format 7", 12", CD, cassette
Genre Madchester
Label Parlophone (UK)
Virgin (Europe)
Warner Bros. (United States)
Writer(s) Bernard Sumner,
Johnny Marr,
Neil Tennant
Producer Bernard Sumner,
Johnny Marr
Neil Tennant
Electronic singles chronology
"Feel Every Beat"
"Forbidden City"

"Disappointed" was the fourth single by the English band Electronic. Like their first single "Getting Away with It" it featured Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys as well as founding members Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner. It was released in June 1992 on Parlophone soon after the demise of Factory Records. The single was even assigned the Factory catalogue number FAC 348, and the logo of the label remained on the artwork.



The song was based on a piano riff by Marr's brother Ian;[1] and worked up into a full backing-track by Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner. They decided to ask Neil Tennant to complete the song and he wrote the lyrics and vocal melody. Some of the words ("Disenchanted once more...") were partly inspired by Mylène Farmer's 1991 hit "Désenchantée".[2] Tennant travelled to Manchester to record the lead vocal and a few weeks later went to Paris to attend the final mix of the song by Stephen Hague.

"Disappointed" was conceived just before the recording of New Order's sixth studio album Republic, and was performed live in December 1991 on Electronic's European tour: in Glasgow[3] (sung by Bernard Sumner) and in London (sung by Tennant when Pet Shop Boys guested on three songs).


"Disappointed" was the last Electronic single to be released on all four major formats (7", 12", CD and cassette). The content of the single was more dynamic than its predecessors, however; it had only one remix of the A-side (by 808 State; titled "808 Mix" in the US and "12" remix" in the UK), an additional treatment of a 1991 album track ("Idiot Country", with Ultimatum), and an earlier mix of "Disappointed" (called "Electronic Mix" in the US). The A-side of the single is itself a remix since producer Stephen Hague reworked the "Original Mix" for single release.

Although Electronic would enjoy three more Top 20 singles in the UK, "Disappointed" was the last major commercial success for the band on an international level, becoming a dance chart hit in America and reaching the Top 20 in Germany as well as #6 in Britain (their highest UK position).

"Disappointed" was featured in the 1992 film Cool World. Until the release of Get the Message - The Best of Electronic in 2006 its soundtrack album Songs from the Cool World was the only place the song was commercially available, with the exclusion of Now That's What I Call Music (NOW) 22, where it appears as track 14.

Track listing

UK 7" and MC

  1. "Disappointed" (7" mix) – 4:22
  2. "Idiot Country Two" (edit) – 4:44

UK 12"

  1. "Disappointed" (12" remix) – 4:31
  2. "Disappointed" (original mix) – 5:41
  3. "Idiot Country Two" – 6:24


  1. "Disappointed" (7" mix) – 4:22
  2. "Disappointed" (12" remix) – 4:31
  3. "Idiot Country Two" – 6:24
  4. "Disappointed" (original mix) – 5:41

US 12" maxi single

  1. "Disappointed" (Electronic Mix) – 5:40
  2. "Disappointed" (808 Remix) – 4:31
  3. "Gangster" (FBI Mix) – 8:00
  4. "Disappointed" (single mix) – 4:22

US CD maxi single

  1. "Disappointed" (single mix) – 4:22
  2. "Disappointed" (Electronic Mix) – 5:40
  3. "Gangster" (FBI Mix) – 8:00
  4. "Disappointed" (808 Remix) – 4:31


Chart Peak
UK Singles Chart 6
U.S. Billboard Modern Rock Tracks 9
U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play 10
U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales 6
German Singles Chart 20

Cover versions

American singer-songwriter State Shirt recorded a cover version of the song in 2009.


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