The Heights (The O.C. episode)

The Heights (The O.C. episode)

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Series = The O.C.
Title = The Heights

Season = 1
Caption = Ryan has always been afraid of heights
Episode = 9
Airdate = November 5, 2003 (FOX)
Writer = Debra J. Fisher
Erica Messer
Director = Patrick Norris
Production = 176508
Episode list = "The O.C." (season 1)
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"The Heights" is the 9th episode of the FOX television series, "The O.C.". The episode was written by Debra J. Fisher and Erica Messer and was directed by Patrick Norris. It originally aired on Wednesday November 5, 2003.

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The boys get ready for their first day of school. Ryan seems a little edgy about it. No matter how hard Sandy tries to show them bright side, the boys refuse to see it. In Jimmy's apartment, Summer tries to convince Marissa that she needs to go to school. Marissa thinks all of the social humiliation and scandal is a pretty good reason to skip school today.

School starts. Pretty people roam the sprawling campus. A water polo player "bumps" into Seth and some girls make catty remarks about Marissa's OD. Off to a good start. Ryan catches up with Marissa and asks if she wants to hang out post class. She does. Luke approaches, but Summer picks him off and tells him off.

Back at home, Sandy is getting ready for work. Kirsten comments on Sandy's new look and smell, and soon they're bickering about his "attractive" co-worker again. Sandy ends that conversation with some complimenting and smooching. Which is quickly interrupted by bleating cell phones.

Ryan sits down for class. Across the table from Luke. Marissa sits down for class. Across from Holly. Who is spreading gossip about Mexico, ignoring the prime Mexico rule. Seth is trying to defrost Summer when they run into Anna Stern. Big warm up hug from Seth. Summer seems to be the jealous type. Anna tries to give him tips on the ways of women. She agrees to help Seth understand that wily kitten.

At work, Rachel tells Sandy about a new case. A developer has purchased the Balboa Heights land directly above the preserved Balboa Wetlands, and they want to start digging. This could be a career making case for a tree hugging attorney, so Rachel wants Sandy's help. Of course, she may also want his help because the plaintiff in said case is none other than Kirsten's dad, Caleb's firm. Sandy suspects that Kirsten might not appreciate Sandy's work on this case. Rachel tells him he has to make a decisions.

Ryan and Marissa meet up after class, but Marissa needs to help plan the school carnival. They agree to a rain check. At the carnival, perhaps?

The next morning, Sandy and Kirsten cross paths as they get dressed. He doesn't exactly come forth with what he's working on at the firm. Ryan is in the kitchen moping about school. Everybody has something except him. Sandy thinks he needs an extracurricular activity. Seth strolls in and floats the idea of soccer. Hey, Ryan used to play soccer! Done.

Marissa and Jimmy are getting ready for another school and non-work day when Luke drops by. He wants to see Marissa, but Jimmy doesn't let him in. Luke asks him to tell her, "Sorry." She thanks her dad for the "Do Not Pass Go" treatment on Luke.

Another school day. Seth is about to sit next to Anna in class when Summer walks in. Seth offers his seat to Summer, which does not please Anna. Seth and Anna dive back into their rapport, which kicks Summer's jealous-o-meter up a notch. And again Anna shoots back with her own comment.

Kirsten drops into Sandy's office for a visit. She wants to know when he was going to mention he's on the case. Needless to say, they have differing issues on the issues. He seems pretty passionate about defending the preserve. She seems pretty set on not letting her father find out what's up.

The soccer field. Ryan jogs out. He's trying out for striker. Luke Ward is currently the team's striker. Could be an interesting training camp battle. Marissa's Carnival meeting breaks up and Luke is waiting for her. "We need to talk, Marissa." She doesn't really give a damn about what he has to say. He begs for forgiveness. Ryan sidles up to the door and eavesdrops. Luke begs for a second chance and Ryan jets. Marissa tells him it's over.

The next morning, Kirsten confronts Sandy with the newspaper. The lawsuit is front page news. Seth and Ryan are preparing when Ryan says he saw Luke and Marissa making up. Luke was crying. He didn't stick around for Act II. In the hallways, Summer is telling Marissa not to tell Ryan the truth under any circumstances. Ryan approaches Marissa's locker. They're both dumb about last night. Tension in the air!

In bio lab, Summer is sketchy about dissecting a frog and tells Seth he's her lab partner. Anna rolls up and says, actually, Seth has a lab partner. All part of Anna's master plan. Over on the soccer fields, Marissa drops by to watch Ryan. Of course, Ryan sees her standing next to Luke and draws his own conclusions. Practice time. Ryan jumps to the head of the line to challenge Luke. One hard slide tackle from behind later, Ryan is in the coach's doghouse.

That night, Marissa drops by the pool house. She wants to know what Ryan's problem is. They both want to know why the other didn't tell the truth. They argue, and Ryan says this just isn't going to happen. Marissa agrees and takes off.

Next morning, Sandy confronts Ryan about the phone call from the soccer coach. Coach thinks Ryan has talent and a terrible attitude. Sandy tells Ryan this school can do great things for him. It's understandable that he hates the kids at school. But he's just going to have to deal with it. Because he's just one mistake away "from someone taking you from us." Ryan realizes he's going to have to straighten up and fly right.

At school, Seth tells Ryan to bite the bullet and apologize. Ryan tries to heed his advice, but Summer runs the Luke interference move on him and they scurry off to class. That night, Sandy follows his boy's advice and brings his wife some flowers. He's going to take the case. He has to. She knows.

Carnival night. Seth and Anna continue their bonding over Skee-Ball. Seth goes off to exchange his tickets for valuable prizes, and Ryan tells Anna maybe she should be making a play for Seth instead of being his buddy all the time. A little hard to get action, you see. Ryan spots Marissa heading the Ferris wheel and takes off. He butts in on Summer and takes a ride with Marissa. Even though he's afraid of heights. Naturally, the wheel stops him at the top. Back on terra firma, Anna lays the lips on Seth. Summer takes note of the kiss and Seth takes note of Summer taking note. He asks Anna if this is all part of her plan. Hi, my name is Anna and my heart was just shattered! Summer tells Seth she needs a ride buddy for the Tilt-a-Whirl and off they go. Anna watches and clutches the stuffed monkey Seth got her with the skee ball tickets.

Fifty feet in the air, Ryan pours out his heart to Marissa. He wants this to work, whatever it takes. But it took a bit to choke out the apology because he's terrified of heights and they're stuck at the very top of the ferris wheel. Marissa comments on how Ryan must need something to take his mind off of the heights. Ryan wonders aloud what could possibly take his mind off being 50 feet in the air and Marissa interrupts him with a kiss, or two, or three, or ten. As they go around the Ferris wheel Marissa and Ryan kiss passionately.


*"How Good Can It Be" by The 88
*"Don't Give Up On Me" by Solomon Burke
*"Paint the Silence" by South


* Though he joins the soccer team, Ryan is never seen again practicing, playing or talking about soccer in any future episodes.

* The song played when Kirsten is in the bathtub and Sandy comes home is the same song that Sandy sings to Kirsten in " The Power of Love" on their anniversary. The song is "Don't Give Up On Me" by Solomon Burke.

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