List of critical theory topics

List of critical theory topics

List of topics relevant to the study of critical theory, categorized by major topic within the field.

Basic topics

* Critical theory
* Cultural studies
* Literary theory
* Major critical theorists
* Notable works in critical theory
* Truth theory

Gender studies

* Lauren Berlant
* Judith Butler
* Susan McClary
** Susan McClary's constructions of subjectivity in Franz Schubert's music
* Laura Mulvey

Marxist theory

* Frankfurt School
** Theodor Adorno
** Herbert Marcuse
** Walter Benjamin
** Jürgen Habermas
** Max Horkheimer
** Friedrich Pollock
* Louis Althusser
* Mikhail Bakhtin
* Étienne Balibar
* Antonio Gramsci
* Michael Hardt
* Fredric Jameson
* Ernesto Laclau
* Georg Lukács
* Chantal Mouffe
* Antonio Negri
* Valentin Voloshinov
* Hegemony
* Posthegemony


* Chinhua Achebe
* Homi Bhabha
* Frantz Fanon
** Dual consciousness
* Edward Said
** Orientalism


* Roland Barthes
* Ferdinand de Saussure
* Claude Lévi-Strauss
* Louis Althusser


* Roland Barthes
* Michel Foucault
* Julia Kristeva
* Bruno Latour


* Geoffrey Bennington
* Hélène Cixous
* Jonathan Culler
* Jacques Derrida
* Werner Hamacher
* Geoffrey Hartman
* Martin Heidegger
* Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe
* Jean-François Lyotard
* Paul de Man
* J. Hillis Miller
* Jean-Luc Nancy
* Christopher Norris
* Avital Ronell
* Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak


* Gilles Deleuze
* Félix Guattari
* Ernesto Laclau
* Claude Lefort
* Cyborg theory


* Paulo Freire
* John Dewey

Psychoanalytic theory

* Félix Guattari
** Schizoanalysis
** Ecosophy
* Luce Irigaray
* Teresa de Lauretis
* Jacques Lacan
* Julia Kristeva
* Slavoj Zizek
* Sigmund Freud
** The Interpretation of Dreams
** On Narcissism
** Totem and Taboo
** Beyond the Pleasure Principle
** The Ego and the Id
** The Future of an Illusion
** Civilization and Its Discontents
** Moses and Monotheism

Queer theory

* Judith Butler
* Heteronormativity
* Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick
* Gloria E. Anzaldúa
* New Queer Cinema
* Queer Pedagogy


* Roland Barthes
* Julia Kristeva
* Charles Sanders Peirce
* Ferdinand de Saussure

Cultural anthropology

* René Girard

Theories of identity

* Private sphere
* Public sphere

Lingustical theories of literature

* Mary Louise Pratt

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