Somalia, Wake Up

Somalia, Wake Up

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"Somalia, Wake Up" or "Soomaaliyeey toosoo" is the national anthem of Somalia and was adopted by the Transitional Federal Government in 2000. It was chosen to replace the then wordless anthem, written by Giuseppe Blanc, which had been in use since 1960. [ [ National Anthems including midi] ]

"Soomaaliyeey toosoo" is a well known Somali song that dates from the early 1940s and, according to the Somali Government, was written by Ali Mire Awale in 1947. [ [ Somali Government] ] However some sources suggest that it was written by Ali Mire Awale and Yusuf Haji Adan [ [ "The Camel in Somali Oral Tradition"] by Axmed Cali Abokor ISBN 91-7106-269-6] sometime in the 1940s.

It was sung to celebrate independence day, July 1 1960 and was widely known and sung by children in the mornings at schools.

omali Anthem

Chorus::Soomaaliyeey toosoo:Toosoo isku tiirsada ee:Hadba kiina taagdaranee:Taageera waligiinee

:Idinkaa isu tooqaayoo:Idinkaa isu taamaayee:Aadamuhu tacliin barayoo:Waddankiisa taamyeeloo

:Sharcigaa isku kiin tolayoo:Luuqadaa tuwaaxid ahoo:Arligiina taaka ahoo:Kuma kala tegeysaan oo

:Tiro ari ah oo dhaxalaa:Sideed laydin soo tubayoo:Ninba toban la meel marayoo:Cadowgiin idiin talin oo

:Tuldo geel ah oo dhacan baad:Toogasho u badheedhanee:Ma dhulkaas dhanee tegeybaan:Ninna dhagax u tuurayn

:Quaran aan hubkuu tumayo:Tooreyda dhaafayn:Oo aan taar samayn karin:Uur kutaallo weynaa

:Hadba waxaan la taahaayoo:Togagga uga qaylshaa:Nin dalkiisii cadow taaboo:U tol waayey baan ahayee

:Hadba waxaan laa ooyaayoo:Oo ilmadu iiga qubaneysaa:Iqtiyaar nin loo diidoo:La addoon sadaan ahayee

English translation

Chorus::Somalia wake up,:wake up and lean on each other:And whoever is most in need of support:Support them forever.

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* [ Somali Literature]


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