TAPESTREA (Techniques and Paradigms for Expressive Synthesis, Transformation and Rendering of Environmental Audio) is a unified framework and a set of techniques for analyzing, transforming and synthesizing complex environmental sounds. TAPESTREA enables the user to completely transform a sound scene, dynamically generate sound scenes of unlimited length, and construct new scenes or compositions by combining elements from different recordings. Key features include identification of points of interest in the sound that can be extracted into sinusoidal (deterministic), transient (bursty) and stochastic (noisy) templates; transformation of sound components independently of the background and/or other events; continual resynthesis of background texture using wavelet-tree learning algorithm; and the use of similarity based retrieval to locate other interesting sound components.

TAPESTREA was created by Ananya Misra, Perry R. Cook, and Ge Wang at the Princeton Sound Lab.


* [http://soundlab.cs.princeton.edu/publications/taps_icmc2006.pdf]

External links

* [http://taps.cs.princeton.edu TAPESTREA home page]
** [http://taps.cs.princeton.edu/doc/ documentation]
** [http://soundlab.cs.princeton.edu/listen/taps/tapestrea.mov introduction (video)]
* [http://www.dlib.org/dlib/september06/09inbrief.html D-Lib -- In Brief (September 2006)]
* [http://www.studiotoolz.net/category/audio-editor studiotoolz]

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